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Ecological and economic balance sheet for retreads

The retreading of tyres is an important source of energy. Thanks to retreading, in 2010 114.6 million litres of petrol and 32,733 tons of raw materials were saved and 33,200 tons of used tyres did not go to waste. Retreading is considerably important for the environment and it is precisely because of this aspect that the process is widely used in all economically-advanced countries, starting with the United States. In the Financial law of 2002, the Italian Parliament established that for public fleets, 20% of the replacement tyres bought must be retreads. An amount that is amply exceeded by private industrial vehicles and by many public fleets for passenger transport.

Ecological subjects are, of course, very important but with the current state of the economy  considerations of a financial nature have become even more important than in the past. The retreading of tyres makes a significant contribution also from this point of view. In 2010, for example, savings from using retreaded tyres totalled 237 million euros.

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