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EcoTyre tests the first tires with recycled rubber as part of its "rubber to rubber" project

For the past few months, about twenty trucks have been travelling thousands of kilometres on Italian roads to test a technological solution that might well represent a real breakthrough in the field of ELTs: a tire compound produced with recycled rubber obtained from recycled rubber granules. The "Rubber-to-Rubber" Project kicked off over three years ago. EcoTyre, an Italian consortium active in the field of ELT management, along with several other entities active in the supply chain, developed a particularly innovative process where rubber granules obtained from ELTs are used to create a compound suitable for the production of tires equivalent to new ones. Such a result was possible by optimizing three production phases. First of all, the production of suitable black rubber granules with very special characteristics. Then the de-vulcanization of the granules making it reusable. Finally, research and development, by an important member of the consortium, of an innovative compound able to optimize the characteristics of the new material obtained.

These tires, substantially equivalent to traditional new products, were mounted on 20 trucks for a road test over a total distance of about one million kilometres, during which these tires will be subjected to demanding tests, comparable to traditional tires, to verify their wear and tear and duration. "We strongly desired to promote this project - declared Enrico Ambrogio, President of EcoTyre -. We have always believed that the real solution for a correct ELT treatment lies in reusing the rubber. Today we can proudly state that we have made a decisive step forward. It’s a great satisfaction to see vehicles running with tires made from recycled rubber. The entire waste management industry must also aim towards a circular economy, and with this solution the ELT sector will play a leading role".

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