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Earth movers, a booming business Anfia: fighting online counterfeiting



A booming automotive market needs greater protection against virtual frauds

Paolo Castiglia

Italy is experiencing a double digit growth, expected to last until 2020, along with a structural downsizing of the market in a traditional sector as earth moving machines and a booming online market. E-commerce, in fact, has recently come under the magnifying lens of Anfia – which represents Italian automotive manufacturers – engaged in an ongoing commitment towards raising the sector’s awareness on themes such as counterfeiting, and as a result, a pilot project called “Battling counterfeiting practices on B2B and B2C online platforms”, was launched with the collaboration of Convey, a company specialized in detecting and fighting online counterfeiting practices.

The main objective of this initiative is to provide Anfia members with a realistic picture of the problem as well as producing detailed guidelines for companies that are experiencing critical issues in this regard with the necessary tools to chose the best course of action. 

Convey will thus collaborate with a dozen Anfia member-companies in performing a pre-analysis of the issues at stake on several Chinese e-commerce global platforms. The first results should be able to define the perimeter and characteristics of the problems (counterfeiting, violations etc.), as well as a preliminary evaluation of the economic significance of such practices.

The "Test group" will be formed on the basis of information provided on a voluntary basis by the companies themselves, on the risk profile outlined in the aforementioned preliminary investigations and by further in-depth analysis by experts.

Therefore, while the industry is on the lookout against illicit online practices, our country is recording a double-digit growth, that should last until 2020 on the earth movers’ market, despite a structural downsizing of the market: with 13,700 earth-moving machines sold, an increase of 16% over the previous year, 2017 was for Italy the fourth consecutive year with a plus sign, following the market collapse recorded between 2008 and 2013.

The expected development - according to data released by Samoter - will continue on double-digit rates with 15,600 machines expected to be sold in 2018 (+ 14.3%), and a further 19,800 in 2020 (+ 12.6%). Numbers that confirm the country as the 4th largest European market, even if by now its downsizing appears to be structural, when compared to the 30 thousand units sold in 2007.

Driving this growth, besides routine vehicle replacements, are growing investments in the construction sector, especially residential (+ 1.9%): as new construction permits are bolstering the sector showing a gradual upswing in the housing industry, issues on building maintenance and renovation remain.

Public works too are now showing decisive signs of recovery, driven by the growth in the number of tenders (+33.1% in value), after a 2016 that was marked by uncertainties linked to the new Public Procurement Code. From 2018 to 2020, the recovery of the building industry is expected to consolidate around an average annual growth rate of 1.5 percent. During this period, the main incentives will consist of €14.4 billion from a public Investment Fund (infrastructure, transport, schools and hospitals as well as prevention of hydro-geological instability); 6 billion provided by the latest Stability Law following the earthquakes in central Italy; 2 billion for the safety of public assets. Added to this we find tax incentives extensions for renovations and energy upgrading; eco-bonus for apartment blocks; earthquake bonus and more room for Municipal investments the investments in schools and sports centres.

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