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The new Michelin X Multi D  

The French manufacturer proposes a new tyre to improve safety for medium sized trucks even in adverse weather conditions

Nicola Giardino

Intended for industrial vehicles under 16 tons, the Michelin tyre X Multi D has been designed and built to provide even more safety and mobility for the transporters. Trucks of this kind are used by  75% of small independent companies and travel less than 100,000 km annually.

To meet their customers’ needs they must be able to guarantee a continuous service. The reliability and Safety assurances are therefore essential values. The general cargo service vehicle requires the reliability  and punctuality at low cost. With the use of the new tyre, Michelin intends to give a response to the mid-sized segment need, of an efficient tyre, capable of simultaneously ensuring safety and longevity.

The Michelin X Multi D is intended to secure success because it allows one to move in any situation, regardless of the type of road (regional, urban and suburban) and weather conditions (snow, rain, ice and heat). Michelin has stated that the design of the new tyre has met with a few difficulties to create an ideal compromise among the main performances, managing to make it happen, thanks to new technology.

The manufacturing of a tyre is a complex process that requires careful selection of materials and skills, in order to continuously improve the balance between grip, traction, comfort, noise level, durability, energy efficiency, and running cost of the product. Success depends on the skill and care with which it is possible to mix together more than 200 components of a modern tyre. A good product may not, however, be limited to ensure a satisfactory performance on the road; it must also look good. During the design of a vehicle, the car manufacturers  require an agreeable design of the tread to the suppliers of wheels and tyres in order to contribute to improve the image  of the vehicle in the halls, sales rooms and in advertising. It is in the street that the tyre must give its all. Its tread must function as a pump, able to eliminate the water that is interposed between the contact area and the road surface; thus ensuring adherence to the ground. More difficult is to create a winter tyre because the tread pattern and the structure are made in a special way to ensure a better behaviour in mud and fresh snow or wet conditions.

First produced in 1936 in the North of Europe, winter tyres are recognisable at a glance thanks to the tread pattern with grooves , thin slits able to form many corners that grip on the snow. It is impossible, instead, to distinguish by sight the blend, which is different compared to summer tyres,  softer and  more elastic. Initially noisy and driving was uncertain, winter tyres have been refined and evolved in the years up to now to allow the completion of small masterpieces of technology as the Michelin X Multi D and other products in the phase of study and design. How much progress has been made since brothers Eduard and Andre Michelin, driving their Peugeot Eclair in 1895 astonished the world completing the Paris-Bordeaux rally using tyres with bladder convincing most sceptics to  the comfort of inner tube and to leave the solid rubber wheels.



X Multi D











• Name: Michelin X Multi D 17,5

• Application: for commercial vehicles weighing less than 16 tons.

• Measures: 215/75 R 17,5 – 225/75 R 17,5 – 235/75 R 17,5 – 245/70 R 17,5.

• Designed for: Transport Companies  or mixed cargo that cover less than 100 thousand Km per year.

• Special Features: Best for the changing needs of customers that move in severe weather conditions on all road surfaces.

• Brand: 3PMSF 

• Advantages:

  o Increases distance by up to 18%.   

  o Optimal performance throughout the year.

  o Reduced consumption.

  o Noise decreased in the rolling phase especially when driving in urban  areas.

• Designers location: Technological Centre of Ladoux (Clermont-Ferrand) in France.

• Production location: Karlsruhe factory in Germany. 


Technical characteristics of the new tyre 

• Increased duration  

• Improved rolling resistance  

• Grooves in depth 

• 3PMSF mark 

• Energy saving 

• Noiselessness 

• Regrooving


Michelin in figures

• 69 sites of  production started up in 18 countries 

• 113.400 employees in the world 

• 6.600 researchers located in three continents 

• 622 million of euro invested annually in research and development in         2012 

• 166 million tyres produced annually 

• 21,5 billion of net sales in  2012

The group is present in Italy with

• Legal seat of Torino 

• Commercial Direction in Milan 

• Establishments in: Alessandria - Fossano (To) - Cuneo - Torino Stura


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