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ELTs: Federpneus writes to the Ministry for the Environment

As a result of the problems generated by the entry into force of the environmental contribution on end-of-life-tyres ex art. 228 Leg. Dec. 152/2006 and MD 82/2011, Federpneus has denounced the unmanageability of the situation to Minster for the Environment, Hon. Stefania Prestigiacomo.
The association offices have received countless complaints. For example, 30 days before the decree came into force (8 August), the Minster should have established the amount of the contribution. In effect, it was only in the afternoon of 7 September that a note from Ecopneus revealed that it had received information from the Ministry about the contribution by the members of the Consortium and not by the hundreds of other manufacturers and importers operating in the Italian market.
The Federpneus communication states: "Apart from the fact that it is obvious that all the operations of the morning of 7 September could not include the contribution and that the management software cannot be modified in real time, a situation of total uncertainty has been created among the twenty thousand operators in the sector who do not know, nor can they know, how to apply the regulation to end-users. Furthermore, this is only the tip of the iceberg of numerous cases that require clarification for the operators in the sector."
Federpneus concluded by requesting the Ministry to take urgent steps to find a temporary solution that will avoid situations of unmanageability that will be very difficult rectify later.

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