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Dwa 1100 is the new Ccd wheel alignment system by Cemb

Dwa1100 is Cemb's latest proposal dedicated to Ccd systems for wheel aligners. The new model, thanks to modern electronic components, a software with intuitive and simplified graphics that guides the user during all phases of measurement and a constantly updated database, which simplifies the selection of the vehicle, allows a quick and accurate measurement of all alignment parameters. In addition, the "Audit" function detects any driving disturbance that may be caused by non-standard parameters offering a valid support in providing the best service to the customer. The 8-sensor Ccd detectors, equipped with long-life batteries, communicate with the computer using the 2.4 GHz transmission frequency, which ensures a stable and long-range connection and, in the case of multiple installations, up to 7 communication channels are available to choose from to avoid interference. Compared to its predecessor, the DWA1000, the new model boasts an updated design, a mobile cabinet and more spacious storage compartments for printers or any other accessories. The DWA1100 is equipped with a USB stick with Wi-Fi connection, supports automatic software and database updates and can be controlled remotely thanks to the free "Cemb DWA" application that allows you to duplicate the screen on a mobile phone or tablet, making the operator's work even easier. The DWA1100 model is available in standard version, for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles; truck and bus versions or hybrid for both cars and heavy vehicles; the light versions comes without cabinet and computer.

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