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Dunlop unveils its first all-season

All season


The British producer made its debut in the all-season market with the Dunlop Sport All Season


Vittorio Ricci

Dunlop completes its product portfolio making its debut in the all-season tire market. The British producer, specialized in motorbike tires, decided to enter the All-season car tire arena with the Dunlop Sport All Season. The result of a long design phase, this tire is the sum of the innovating spirit and know how acquired by the group in several types of competitions. In fact, for this new product Dunlop capitalized on its racing expertise to offer drivers a high performance tire in dry conditions without compromising safety in other conditions, as certified by the 3PMSF marking. The Dunlop Sport All Season can cope with a wide range of temperatures and is able to offer grip and braking efficiency on wet and slippery roads. Dunlop's engineers have analysed materials and components to create a final product capable of delivering performance in a wide variety of weather conditions, with a particular focus on mild winter climates. According to the manufacturer, the new Dunlop all-season tire is suitable for driving on dry, wet or snow-covered roads and is equipped with all relevant winter markings. "We are happy to introduce a product so eagerly awaited by the market," said Elena Versari, Goodyear Tires Italia's Consumer Gm Sales, "having two premium brands in our portfolio means having to build two separate offers and both of the highest level. Our engineers were able to develop a product with a clear market positioning: a product made for drivers who face a relatively mild climate and want to equip their vehicles with a tire that allows them to travel safely all year round. That is why Dunlop Sport All Seasons fits perfectly in our current four-season range, which, in addition to the famous Vector 4Seasons, features also the Fulda MultiControl and Sava Adapto.


Technical Characteristics

The main features of the Dunlop Sport All Season tire are its tread pattern and compound. In particular, the sturdy belt and top plies have been designed," Dunlop points out, "to sustain heavy cornering loads and guarantee better stability. The tread, designed to facilitate water dispersion, offers excellent braking performance even in wet conditions: its longitudinal grooves and radial edges produce a large footprint, which helps in increasing water dispersion from the point of contact with the road. As for the compound, Dunlop's designers have been working on a multifunctional polymer mix that enhances the flexibility of compound. The result is a tire capable of withstanding different temperatures, ensuring brilliant performance in different weather patterns. Dunlop Sport All Season is on the market with a range of 31 sizes from 14 to 18 inches.

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