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Dino Paoli celebrates 50 years of innovations



If you were to associate Dino Paoli to a sound there would be no doubt: the roar of an engine. From Formula 1 and GP 2 single-seaters to Endurance, Nascar and Indycar racing, the Reggio Emilia-based company supplies all motorsport teams with wheel guns, accessories and pit equipment. 

Dino Collazzo

If you were to associate Dino Paoli to a sound there would be no doubt: the roar of an engine. From Formula 1 and GP 2 single-seaters to Endurance, Nascar and Indycar racing, the Reggio Emilia-based company supplies all motorsport teams with wheel guns, accessories and pit equipment. Founded in 1968, the company, which has 40 employees and an annual turnover of around 7 million euro, has just celebrated half a century in business. A noteworthy achievement, the result of hefty investments in skills and expertise that year after year have allowed the company to gain a leading position in the market for impact wrenches. The constantly expanding business and on-going investment in research and development have allowed the company to grow, achieving important results in terms of visibility and turnover not only in motor sports, but also in the automotive and industrial sectors. The name Paoli, with over 700 dealers, is now synonymous with impact wrenches all over the world. "The widespread distribution and international success of our products are the result of our investments in terms of human resources, research and equipment - says Francesca Paoli, CEO of Dino Paoli -. “Nothing is left to chance. Our experience, attention to detail and the use of highly innovative materials allow us to continuously improve our products, developing highly competitive and reliable impact wrenches. Right at the top of our motorsport wheel gun range we find Hurricane, DP 6000 and the new DP 6000 Bias, Paoli’s special socket and fast reverse devices, designed to optimize and speed up pit stops.


Dino Paoli’s newest motor sport items

The latest addition to Paoli's range is the Bias DP 6000 which integrates the features of the RH and LH versions in a single wheel gun. A winning choice especially for motorsport championships where the use of a single wheel gun is mandatory. Using a special lever mechanics can change the mode during the pit stop. Dino Paoli's top wheel gun though is the Hurricane model, available with either a classic or a 90-degree grip. The collaboration with highly specialized engineers as well as top racing teams spearheaded the development of an innovative, high-performance and technologically advanced product. Optimized fluid dynamics allowed not only to improve the performance of the vane motor but also to create a unique design. The oiler, inserted directly into the handle, sucks the fluid during operation and improves performance.

However, Paoli is a lot more than just wheel guns. In fact, after a long phase of research, the company has developed a series of sockets designed for the needs of individual championships. The different types of couplings, the choice of magnets and the assembly technologies are studied in order to satisfy the user's needs as much as possible. The use of materials such as titanium, special steel and aeronautical aluminium makes it perfect for motorsports but also in less intensive work situations. Among the fast reverse devices, the latest addition to Paoli's range is the E-Shuttle: an electrically operated system which inverts the shuttle position from tightening to loosening automatically. The system is based on a modern electric actuator that guarantees a reversal in 15 hundredths of a second and allows to switch from loosening to tightening and reverse just by pushing a lever.


50 years and counting

Founded in 1968, Dino Paoli has specialised over the years in the design and production of pneumatic and hydraulic impact wrenches, becoming one of the most important companies in the sector. From humble beginnings, Paoli was soon to make a name for itself especially in the racing world. The decisive moment came in 1975 when, thanks to the passion for motor racing of its founder Dino, the company made its first appearance in the Formula 1 championship. The speed, reliability and ergonomics of Paoli wrenches led the company to top all other motorsport suppliers, becoming the main partner of the best teams in the main open-wheel racing championships and break into the highly competitive U.S. market back in the 90s.

Since 2009 the company, always keen on innovations and advanced technological solutions, has been investing more and more in research and development. From this moment on, materials such as carbon fibre, carbon peek, ergal, magnesium alloy, titanium and zylon have been introduced in the production of several components. However this was by no means the end of the development process. In fact, the factory upgrade made it possible to carry out increasingly complex activities, necessary to maximise the fluid dynamic performance of the impact wrenches, with the advantage of obtaining the highest torques immediately. The result is a product characterised by sophisticated systems and able to meet the needs of a sector that evolves constantly and rapidly.

Today, investments in research account for more than 10% of the total turnover and are increasing with each passing year. Such foresight has enabled the company to kick off, among other things, a series of studies on the most advanced electronic and mechatronic technologies. The last frontier of Paoli's R&D has led to monitoring parameters such as air pressure, rotation speed and torque controlled tightening of nuts and bolts. After fifty years the company continues to push its limits reaching significant results in motorsports as well as the automotive and  industrial sector, offering customer services and products characterized by the highest possible quality, entirely Made in Italy.

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