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In a man’s world, a company definitely stands out, confirming itself at the top of its target market, impact wrenches made for the automotive and industrial sectors, in which the female factor prevails both at decision-making and executive levels: here is how to build up a team the female way and flourish

Francesco Lojola

"Gimme the Paoli", is the common cry that resounds in Formula 1 pit lanes around the world as mechanics call for an impact wrench. Indiscriminately used by all the teams, the maker’s name has become a synonym of the product itself. So the story of Dino Paoli goes, a small Italian firm that made its way in the competitive arena back in the 70's becoming in time a true protagonist, to the point of becoming a benchmark on the market and a synonym of the product it manufactures.

Impact wrenches, designed to be used on race tracks around the world as well as in “normal” workshops, tire dealers and at industrial level. A success story that stemmed not only from a eureka moment of the founder, but from a constant growth that outlived the founder himself: a feminine-oriented business adventure, with Francesca Paoli, the founder’s daughter firmly at the helm of the company, and other two women managers responsible of sales and human resources. 

"The role of women in the workplace - emphasizes the CEO- brings an added value to the business, one that relates primarily to those widely recognized feminine characteristics: perception, ability to work in teams and attention to details. The most important quality, however, is the ability to forge a strong working relationship with the male component of the company: we are a team of professionals who work together, each doing his or her best, men and women together".

The female factor            

So, if the helm is firmly in the hands of a woman, the general and commercial management has been entrusted to Federico Galloni, manager, partner and pillar of a group committed to becoming a team. “This is a fundamental principle – says Francesca Paoli: the creation of a team represents the winning formula. The results obtained must be a source of satisfaction for everyone, and each component of the team must feel the positive energy that pushes us to pursue our goals. We also managed to enhance the feminine factor: characteristics such as ability to work in teams by managing multiple tasks at the same time, determination and correlation. A constant source of enrichment and comparison". These qualities have certainly benefited the Emilia-based company, from decision-making roles to executive tasks. "We consistently - says Patrizia Paoli, director of human resources – employ young and highly skilled figures, the selection of which takes place within the company, based on the actual needs of the various departments, without gender discrimination or prejudice". Each candidate goes through a number of interviews, which are then followed by an aptitude test to evaluate the growth potential, strengths as well as weaknesses to work on. "What emerges from our experience is the particular benefits coming from feminine-oriented choices: an added value clearly visible in the results obtained, focusing on individual potential and streamlined processes. Yet, in the automotive world, still widely perceived as a man’s world, this has proved decisive for our success".

New paths and ongoing training

If, on the one hand, Dino Paoli never ceases to believe in women, as highlighted by the three new figures employed last year, women who were able to beat the competition, it is also clear, on the other hand, that the company continues to believe in a constant renewal of the staff: "We are an entity that - says Francesca Paoli - still has many plans and expectations. And who more than young people are willing to put their heart and soul into something? Passion and commitment, to turn dreams into reality, being fully aware that the keystones remain the same: determination in pursuing new objectives and courage in opening new paths". To date, the average personnel age in the Emilia-based company is 40 years, and each member of the staff is the object of an ongoing training program: 5 thousand hours every year between educational and training courses, emphasizing the essence of a strategic choice. Not only new employees though; even those that have been part of the company for a long time receive constant training and updates, on a monthly basis, and the company goes on to set specific interviews with each employee to assess and reward personal growth and achievements. "The company's policy - says the CEO - focuses on people. In Dino Paoli, each member is encouraged to make his or her contribution in terms of responsibility in the work cycle management and knowledge sharing. The primary prerequisite behind quality of products and services. And the results are proving us right.We closed 2015 with a consistent growth on both the domestic market as well as abroad and in all three sectors, automotive, industrial and motorsport”.

Research and development at the forefront

And 2016 too started on the right foot, as the company - says Francesca Paoli – “recorded a 30% increase in turnover. The factors contributing to the good performance of the company include, in addition to strong team values, the constant improvement of our business processes and product, which goes hand in hand with activities of research and development". In a word, innovation. "On which we invest significant amounts of money and time year after year, in order to create tools that are perfectly suited for different applications and markets. Innovations created to meet different and increasingly stringent needs through cutting edge technological contents".

The Emilia-based company, which annually reinvests around 10% of its turnover in R & D, recorded a turnover of 5 million Euro in 2015. A quarter must be ascribed to domestic sales, entrusted to a dealer network, while the rest comes from exports.

As far as the division between product segments, the lion's share is taken by motorsport, able to absorb half of the total sales volumes. Exploiting the experience gathered in motor racing Dino Paoli creates wheel guns for the automotive sector, which accounts for 25% of the total sales. Same percentage for impact wrenches destined for industrial applications, in mines as well as on oil rigs.



Since 1968, 110 thousand wheel guns, destined to the motorsport market, have been produced, establishing an undisputed leadership in Italy and abroad. With technology and quality service at the forefront, Dino Paoli offers its customers the possibility of setting up joint projects on demand: an engineering service that covers a wide range of applications for Paoli’s impact wrenches according to different needs and displaying different features, from performance to durability, lightness and ergonomics. "To do this – according to Dino Paoli’s management – we use and process materials commonly used by the military and aviation industry, such as special steels, composite fibers, titanium, aluminum alloys, such as the 7075 aluminum alloy, and magnesium. New components are then tested using the finite element method (Fem) after which the actual production process begins with the help of a Cam system(Computer Aided Manufacturing) useful in creating complex geometric parts".

Dino Paoli can also rely on suppliers who are expert in heat treatments and have the task of determining accurately the necessary mechanical properties. Among the most innovative products created by Dino Paoli, at the top of the company’s range we find the DP6000 destined to motorsports, characterized by a 90° handle  ready to become the forerunner of a new line of impact wrenches destined to the automotive and industrial sectors: named Atex, it’s the model the company is relying on to open new sales opportunities.

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