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Corghi goes touchless

Equipment 4.0


The absence of contact between tools and wheels are the main feature of Corghi’s newest equipment: a Tire changer able to perform diagnostic operations on the wheel unit, a totally automatic wheel balancer and a quick check alignment system upon acceptance are some of the main news    

Massimo Condolo


Corghi's new digital approach comes to fore if we look at the Correggio based company’s latest equipment, able to communicate with the company’s internal network and data banks to ensure accuracy and speed. At Corghi, the new Workshop 4.0 is already a reality, thanks to a full range of touch-less machines, and it is no coincidence that Corghi’s partnership with Aica is very tight indeed. Furthermore, the fact that these machines can benefit from a 250% “Hyper-amortization”, justify the great hype around them. From the first wheel diagnostic system to other innovations, here are some of the most interesting news.


Tire and wheel diagnostics

Diagnosing the onboard electronic system or body measurements is a normal operation for a mechanic or a body shop. Thanks to the new Artiglio Uniformity Diagnostic Tire changer, besides the obvious fitting and demounting activities, it is possible to diagnose the complete wheel unit, the rim or just the tire. Which in turn makes for the  best rim/tire radial match, with driving issues and noise levels brought down to almost zero. Furthermore, rims and tires can be checked separately benefitting driving comfort and safety. The system does more than just check the condition of the wheels, it also evaluates the tread thickness and suggests, through an iPos function, the best position (front or rear, right or left) where to fit each of the four wheels. Diagnosis and fitting operations take place on one machine; only for the final balancing a wheel balancer is used. The machine works in touch-less mode, i.e. without touching the rim, but working directly only on the tire, to avoid damaging the rim contour. The "leva la leva" (remove the lever) technology, common to other Corghi machines, has eliminated the demounting lever. After analyzing rim and tire, the software suggests the best match-mounting procedure. The laser scanner detects the geometry of the rim as well as the tread wear; these data, besides suggesting the need to repair and/or replace the tire, are also used by the iPos feature. The machine then analyzes the geometrical deformations and radial stiffness of the tire, which are the main causes of the vibrations a driver feels through the steering wheel. The Artiglio 5000, on the other hand, is an automatic touch-less tire changer for all types of tires (normal, low profile and run-flat) ranging between 13” and 28"; the patented Lite Smart Corghi System makes fitting and demounting operations simpler, quicker and more efficient, reducing stress on the tire during the mounting phase and boast an all new automatic positioning header. The EM9780C Plus balancer is also completely automatic and touch-less, with an internal laser sensor and an external sonar. At the end of a cycle a laser sensor indicates the exact point where the counterweights must be placed. The intuitive interface and fully automatic features makes it suitable even for inexperienced staff. For large wheels, traditionally found in the farming, forestry, and earthmoving sectors, the HD 1800 Hydrus, a rugged and ergonomic tire changer, can operate starting from wheels with 100 mm rim diameter and wheels of up to 3 m in diameter and a width of 1.8 m. The battery operated wheel lifter Partner 70 easily and safely demounts, moves and mounts cars, SUVs and light transport vehicles wheels weighing up to 70kg.


Quick workshop acceptance

Thanks to R.E.M.O. Rapide’s drive-through pre-check system, a complete wheel alignment check is obtained in just a few seconds. The system even boasts its own smart data bank; steel protection bars for the measuring heads; a tablet for remote operations on the management software and the R.I.K. system able to mark the image and memorize it in the customer’s data bank by number plate or customer name. Smart management features include additional visual inspection of bodywork, interior, engine compartment and wiper blades as well as checking the status of TPMS sensors. The system has a large database for vehicle model recognition as well as its components and accessories, while customer and single vehicle data are also stored and can be recalled with a QR Code that is then applied inside the door, much like oil change stickers. This is used to load customer data automatically from a smartphone or tablet. Data storage makes it possible to book maintenance and other services in remote.


Lifts for everyone

The ERCO 5022 CEL 5 tons electromechanical lift, alongside the 4 tons Erco4022 ELX are two-column lifts with extra-long symmetric arms, suitable for lifting cars and commercial vehicles. The lifting arms maximum height reaches 1890 mm and 2005 mm respectively from the ground. The ERCO H4002N, two-column electro-hydraulic lifts up to 4t, is powered by an automatic synchronized master / slave hydraulic circuit without parts requiring mechanical adjustments such as ropes or chains.




Little genius

It is called Q-Brake 600 and its made by Tecnomotor, a company, like Corghi, part of the Nexion group. We are looking at a universal deceleration meter for industrial and farming vehicles. In just 1,5 kgs and 185 x 93 x 35 mm size, a complete system to analyze braking performance is contained: deceleration, control effort, braking time, initial speed and distance travelled. The basic tool is also supported by a stand-alone kit as well as a PC kit according to the need of the workshop.



Nexion, a joint venture for China

The Nexion group, which includes brands such as Corghi, Fpa, Mondolfo Ferro, Orlandini, Sice, Tecnomotor and Teco, joined forces with Bright Technology from China. Nexion’s turnover is around 170 million euro per year, and exports 75% of its production; has 900 employees, 120 of which are engaged in research and development. Bright Technology, specialized in tire maintenance and repair equipment, produces 70,000 units per year and operates in 180 countries and regions around the world. This joint venture gives birth to a group with 1300 employees and an annual turnover of 200 million euro.

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