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Cordiant is a historical Russian brand founded in 1932. It has 3 factories and a research centre and in 2014 it launched the Cordiant Professional brand for industrial vehicles, which have been its main focus since 2011; it produces over 650,000 tyres a year and its range of products ensures excellent coverage of the European market. The brand is now part of the product portfolio of Intergomma, the exclusive distributor for Italy. The tyres for steering axles FL-1 (315/60 and 295/60 R22.5) and FL-2 (315/70 and 385/55 R22.5), together with the drive axle tyres DL-1 (315/60 and 295/60 R22,5) and DL-2 (315/70 R22,5) cover applications for long-haul transport, the steering axle tyres FR-1 (385/65, 315/80 and /70, 295/80 R22.5, 285/70 and 245/70 R19.5, 235/75 and 215/75 R17.5) and drive axle tyres DR-1 (315/80 and /70, 295/80 and /75 R22.5, 245/70 R19.5, 235/75, 215/75 and 205/75 R17.5) were created for regional transport. Covering both applications are the tyres for trailers and semi-trailers TR-1 (385/76 R22.5 or 245/70 R17.5) and TR-2 (385/65, 385/55 R22.5, 265/70 R19.5, 235/75 and 215/75 R 17.5). For light construction site and municipal uses there is the VM-1 multi-position (315/80 R22.5, 13R22.5, 11R22.5); for more challenging construction sites and off-road use the tyres for drive axles are DM-1 (315/80 R22.5, 13R22.5, 12R22.5, 13R22.5) and TM1 for trailers (385/65R22.5). For urban and interurban buses the tyres are the VC-1 and VR-1 (275/70 R22.5 and 245/70 R19.5). The tyre patterns for more demanding uses have reinforced shoulders and a ring strengthened with independent wires; all of them, including those for long distance transport, offer high resistance to poor road surfaces and 3D stone ejectors at the bottom of the longitudinal grooves. Thanks to a supplementary layer under the double belt, all the models can be regrooved; carried out when residual tread thickness is between 2 and 3 mm (shown on the wear indicators), the operation saves a 2 mm layer between the bottom and top part of the radial’s metal structure. Depending on the models, Cordiants have the C, D or E qualification on the EU tyre label for fuel economy, B, C or D for wet grip, and noise levels of between 69 and 74 dB (A).

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