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Continentals that read the road and speaks to the rider

Vittorio Ricci

During the last edition of Eicma, Continental presented six new tires with new compounds and designs, linked to three different riding styles: sporty, off and on-road. But even more than that, the German manufacturer exhibited a series of technological innovations and integrated systems between motorcycles and smartphones. The eHorizon service attracted a lot of attention, a predictive alert system that, through a software that analyses road and weather patterns, alerts the rider to possible dangers along the way.


Born to run

The new ContiSportAttack 4, the successor of the ContiSportAttack 3, boasts a larger footprint which translates in greater lean angles through corners compared to its predecessor, the ContiSportAttack 3. The new BlackChili compound has optimised the tire’s grip and handling characteristics. And if you enjoy thrills, the Korbach-based brand added to its range the ContiRaceAttack 2 Street hypersport. A competition product suitable for road use. Continental’s latest effort replaces the ContiRaceAttack Competition Endurance. On the other hand, if you prefer supersport tires, the German manufacturer designed the ContiRaceAttack 2 tire. The two compounds, soft and medium, guarantee great race performance with reduced inflation pressures and the use of tire heaters. This new product replaces the ContiRaceAttack Competition. Both RaceAttack tires stand out for stability and grip thanks, once again, to the BlackChili compound.


Off-road but not extreme  

Next up Continental's TKC 70 Rocks, a rear tire with pronounced tread blocks across the entire tread surface. This tire stands in between the TKC 80 and TKC 70, providing no-limits off-road performance, improving, at the same time, on-road behaviour. This new rear tire can be combined with a TKC 70 at the front.


For the road

Continental's investment in the touring sports tire sector has grown steadily in recent years, as shown by the debut of the new ContiRoad. Designed in Germany, this tire lies somewhere between the ContiRoadAttack 3 and the previous generation 2 model. The ContiStreet, a completely new cross-ply tire that replaces the ContiGo has been designed for small and mid-sized motorbikes!


Intelligent systems  

In the field of technology, Continental introduced a series of innovations for two-wheelers to facilitate the connection between the motorcycle and the rider’s smartphone, making it possible to access, through an app, a wide number of services to be found in the company's cloud. Once connected, the smartphone can view information or use services such as turn-by-turn navigation or music streaming directly on the dashboard. In addition, thanks to eHorizon, a predictive alert system will warn the driver about a potential danger along the way. This intelligent system uses already existing technologies, such as electronic stability control (Esc) or cameras, to classify road conditions, such as dry, wet, very wet (risk of aquaplaning), snowy or icy. Based on this information, dynamic friction graphs can be created and used to predict the extent at which the tires will stick to the road. In addition, the software also analyses weather info and forecasts along with information about the characteristics of the road.

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