Technical Review


Continental’s Crosstrac tyres are designed for urban construction sites and all those uses where the last mile in extremely severe working conditions in which robustness is essential (sharp stones and metal, steep slopes, uneven surfaces, mud) must coexist with long journeys on asphalt where an off-road tyre would increase consumption too much. Presented during the summer of 2018, they come in the three HS3 series for steering axles, HD3 for drive axles and HT3 for trailers; the compound reconciles consumption with wear resistance, a self-cleaning tread pattern, they can be hot or cold retreaded and mounted with sensors for the TPMS Conti Pressure Check. The only size missing to date is the 13.00 R22.5, which is still highly requested by the Italian market also for new trucks. At Transpotec, in addition to important additions to the network which we’ll talk about in the next issue, the German multinational announced that this size has gone into production. 

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