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Continental has recently announced that its tires will equip the new Volkswagen ID.3 as original equipment. The German car manufacturer will thus rely on Continental's technology for its electric models. Energy saving, comfortable, noiseless and resistant to wear: Continental is ready to enhance the Volkwagen’s ID.3 performance with a product specifically developed to meet the requirements of EVs with a summer tire, EcoContact 6, and a dedicated winter product, the WinterContact TS 850 P in 18 and 19 inch size. In order to improve the overall performance of the VW ID.3, and of electric cars in general, Continental’s newest effort boast a remarkably low rolling resistance, in order to save energy and maximise mileage. Additionally the sidewalls have been designed to reduce the tire's aerodynamic resistance and minimise the noise level, thus ensuring maximum passenger comfort. Obviously, the new Volkswagen ID.3's OEMs could not neglect capitalizing on the company’s ContiSeal technology, developed by the German manufacturer to seal a damaged tread with punctures up to 5 mm in diameter without the immediate need to replace the tire. A solution able to cope with 90% of all tire punctures, thus reducing the risk of pressure loss. Looking at Continental components, Volkswagen's electric ID models can rely on a new electronic module with on-board server functions. This device, called ICAS1, allows the vehicle’s systems to be updated remotely, which represents an added bonus for the driver.

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