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4a edition of motorsport expotech

The motorsport trade show aims at innovation. The new content, partnerships and image we will see in Modena on 2 and 3 February  

Sonia Pari

Motorsport ExpoTech is not limited to being an exhibition, but will become a real circuit of appointments throughout Europe. For the second year running, an "Italy Day" will be held in the UK during the months prior to the exhibition.  


Motorsport ExpoTech, the international exhibition of innovative materials, technologies, automotive products and services, competition and high performance engines for cars, motorbikes, karts, yachts and planes, is warming up its engines. In other words: the 4th edition of the motorsport trade show at ModenaFiere on 2 and 3 February, 2012, will have a new look ( HYPERLINK "", a new image, new content and a strong urge to grow both in Italy and in Europe as a whole.
This air of change does not distance the event from its strictly professional technical format aimed at operators in the world of motorsports, on the contrary, it enriches it: trainers, teams, drivers; mechanical engineers, technical research, vehicle manufacturers, buying offices, mechanical designers, managers and more. And in the "competitive" spirit of the organizers, new inputs for establishing an event that is still young (it began in 2008) but already well structured, and a move to February, immediately prior to the competitions, so that it will be a reference point for the presentation of the championships.
The new additions include authoritative partners that confirm its B2B format, such as AICA (Italian Garage Equipment Manufacturers' Association), AIRP (Italian Retreaders' Association), and Federpneus (Italian Tyre Specialists' Association). Generous space will be given to conferences and workshops focused on "zero impact" engines, high performance engines, competition safety, fuel and more.
An event of undeniable interest that we discussed with Paolo Fantuzzi, managing director of ModenaFiere.

Motorsport ExpoTech is a young show. How did it come about and what does it hope to become on the exhibition scene?

It's enough to know what Modena represents in mechanics, engines and big brands to understand that the decision to create this appointment stemmed from a deficiency... there had to be an appointment that was purely for sector operators and was not open to the public. We are the largest expo in Italy and the third-largest in Europe, but within 5 years we want to be the first for overall quality.


What subjects will be discussed during the two days in Modena?

Thanks to the collaboration with the University of Modena and Democenter, we will discuss high performance engines, electronics, aerodynamics and materials. With other partners, we will also discuss sponsoring, green mobility and safety on the tracks.


Without doubt, one of the most interesting new additions is the partnership with professional associations like AICA, AIRP and Federpneus. What should we understand from this strategic decision?

Synergy, synergy and synergy; nowadays, you can't be competitive if you don't have the ability and determination to work together, to exchange information. Companies are discovering more and more new areas of research, innovation and production because the crisis and the changes we are experiencing make them necessary.


The show has been enriched with other partnerships such as ACI CSAI and aims at greater international visibility. How?

We are very proud about having highly active partners like ACI/CSAI and ACI SPORT; it is a recognition of our credibility and reputation, the tangible proof of which are the many appointments and presences that we cannot announce at the moment, but we can certainly state that the world of two- and four-wheel competitions and championships will be at Modena thanks to ACI CSAI.


How has motorsport changed in recent years and what direction is it taking?
A constructive attitude and the representation of hundreds of companies in the sector. It is a valuable world of innovation, research, experimenting with new materials, it has an important business spin-off value that no one has ever evaluated. It is invaluable in terms of manufacturing and tourism that mobilizes millions of enthusiasts. The road to take now should be towards creating a real business segment.


• An Expo on the move


Motorsport ExpoTech is not limited to being an exhibition, but will become a real circuit of appointments throughout Europe. For the second year running, an "Italy Day" will be held in the UK during the months prior to the exhibition. In collaboration with Promec/Modena Emilia Romagna Italy Empowering Agency, the same format will be used in France, Germany, Turkey, Russia and Serbia.
A moment when the Italian market will meet some of the "high performance" excellences and the interesting companies in countries where motorsports are all the rage. 


• Product showcase  


Professional clothing
Shock absorbers
Engine test benches
Gears and differentials
Distribution cams and shafts
Spark plugs
Fuel and lubricants
Handling trolleys/Logistics systems
Helmets and clothing accessories
Rims and wheels
Safety belts/Protection technologies
Manifolds and exhaust systems
Engine components and structures
Engine intake devices/carburettors
Brake systems and components
Extinguishers and fire prevention equipment
Composite materials and plastics
Springs and the like
Pistons/engine shafts/piston rods
Competition vehicle manufacturers
Couplings and connectors
Roll bars
Seats and interior furnishings
Measurement and data acquisition tools
IT solutions: Hardware/Software
Qualified subcontracting
Tents and Hospitality
Steering rods
Machine tools
Exhaust and aspirator valves and the like
Steeling wheels/knobs/pedals
Stable services  

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