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Chiaroscuro for the first months of 2012

The Federpneus Executive Council met at hits headquarters on 21 June to analyze the market trend in the first months of 2012. The results were characterized by considerably different trends in each of the main sectors.
Despite the critical economic situation that had serious repercussions on petrol consumption and, as a consequence, on travelling, the car tyre market held up better than anticipated. Although there was a decline of a few percentage points in certain areas, especially in the south and islands, other areas were stable or showed a slight increase. The mix worsened due to the tendency of customers to look for economic solutions. In areas that did not have the benefit of snowfalls or regulations, significant quantities of winter tyres have remained in the warehouses.
There has been a reversal in the trend for light commercial vehicles after a long period of contraction and sell out numbers have increased.
The truck situation was totally negative in terms of sales and customer solvency. In many areas,  the downturn has been as much as 40%. The falloff in quantities is associated with the difficulty of determining the real financial capacity of customers. The retread situation is better even though the total numbers are lower, which is also due to a lack of casings. The excavator situation is acute because of a considerably depressed construction sector.

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