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In 2019 and 2020, CST Tires offers its All Season MEDALLION ACP1 with a wide range of sizes capable of being used on a wide range of vehicle models, whether city cars or large sedans. Thanks to lateral grooves and two longitudinal grooves with a wavy shape, Medallion All Season ACP1 is able to easily disperse water in wet conditions. The 3D sipes cut into the tread improve stiffness and handling, ensuring grip on snow-clad roads, driving precision when cornering and stability.

3D Tread blocks, Compound, Symbols

The 3D tread blocks, come with an internal notch that fits “hand-in-glove” with the adjacent sipe when any deformation takes place, improving the behaviour of the tire and reducing deformation. More generally, the 3D sipes ensure grip when cornering and make it possible to accelerate quickly, even on snow-covered or icy roads. Another aspect of the new CST Medallion ACP1 is the tread compound, which is particularly rich in silica and can easily reach the optimum working temperature, thus guaranteeing traction and grip even in cold climates. The CST Medallion All Season ACP1 has a standard M+S code as well as a "Three Peaks with Snowflake" pictogram. In its various sizes, the Medallion All Season ACP1 has T, H and V speed codes and is approved for speeds of up to 240 km/h.

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