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All Season tires

Pirelli launches in Europe the new Cinturato All Season, a new four seasons tire, state of the art technology and premium positioning with the declared intention of capturing the segment’s strong growing trend

Mino de Rigo

Developing the all-season market. Aiming to give form and substance to a business opportunity still far from its full potential. Here is the underlying intention behind the European launch of the first tire that Pirelli dedicates to this specific category, the Cinturato All Season. It is true that this is not an unprecedented proposal, since Pirelli already supplies similar products, even as original equipment, in other markets, specifically the Cinturato P7 in all season version.

The product now making its debut in Europe, however, has, in fact, "a completely new design  - states Pierluigi Dinelli, CEO of Pirelli Italy – to complete the range of tires offered by Pirelli and representing the latest technological developments in the sector as well as being a convincing alternative to the regular seasonal summer/winter tire change: The Cinturato All Season is an adequate year round solution, for motorists driving mainly in urban areas or reduced annual distances”. City car owners, then, but not only; the available sizes are all concentrated between 15 and 17 inches, covering more than three quarters of the market represented by these keying.


New vehicles favoured

"It is a distinctive point of Pirelli in a segment that sees a market offering extending from 13" to 17": our choice is to include city cars, favoring models of recent production". Therefore, when completed, the range will consist of 21 sizes ranging from 165/60 R15 tires, such as those equipping the Opel Agila and the Chevrolet Spark, to tires size 225/50 R17 XL, typical of the Audi A6 and the Volvo V70. "The Cinturato All Season - adds Dinelli - is a cutting edge product for motorists demanding for their cars tires of uncompromising quality. And our four seasons tire stands out in today’s market" although this kind of products are still quite rare in the Italian market.  "It is our intention - says the CEO of Pirelli Italy – to keep working on this market segment since we think it has the potential to triple the turnover figures within two or three years.  And we believe it will grow without affecting negatively either the winter or the summer tire sectors. "


Straight to the heart of the hesitant driver

And since the price is only about 5% higher than the first, and almost 10% compared to the second, "and  designed to intercept a new range of users, starting with those who are used to carrying snow-chains on board to comply with the obligations imposed by local authorities and roads and highways managing authorities: a tire suitable for all four seasons represents a clear advantage in terms of convenience". A great saving of time and money, as opposed to changing two different sets of tires every year, which, in view of the persisting economic crisis, should not be overlooked. "Actually - says Dinelli -  only those who acquire a set of 15” Cinturato All Season could probably save over the costs of the service of double tire replacement. In fact, that's not the point on which we are focusing. Rather, time saving is coupled by the opportunity to find a valid answer at any time you need to replace the old tires". As an example: "If in February a motorist has to change tires, he will find himself in doubt whether to buy winter tires or carry on, at his own risk, as long as he can until he could finally fit new summer tires. A situation resulting in lost sales for a dealer. The all-season option can remove a motorist from this impasse as tires could be replaced at any moment without having to worry about winter regulation ( between November and April )”.


Market positioning under the spotlight                 

A great opportunity also for the tire dealer. Certainly four season tires must be versatile,  all the more so since the typical features of a hybrid product,  summer and winter, may seem to be a compromise. "The essence of any tire - continues Dinelli - is a compromise of performance in any situation. In the case of the new Cinturato All Season we sought and obtained full safety even in extreme conditions such as cold, rain, ice and snow: certainly this product does not match the performance of a pure winter, but it's very close. As indeed the first test, performed as a preview by the authoritative German magazine Autobild, has shown, passing with flying colors". And now, to promote this brand new tire on the domestic market, Pirelli is engaged in a wide-ranging promotion activity with tire dealers: "More than half of our sales in Italy pass directly through the tire specialists. The effort that our commercial department is making is absolutely essential if our Cinturato All Season is to be correctly positioned on the market. Considering its characteristics though, we still believe that we need not have to push with special promotions: we are confident that the product will sell itself. "





Codenamed M + S (mud and snow) and characterized by an icon showing three peaks under a snowflake, expressing compliance with winter use regulation, the new Pirelli Cinturato All Season shows a directional tread pattern and a range of seven sizes already on the market. These are the 185/55 R15 H, 185/60 R15 H, 185/65 R15 H, plus the 195/65 R15 H and V, as well as the 205/55 R16 H and V. Intended for motorists who prefer a solution for everyday driving in traffic in conditions that are never extreme both in summer and winter, the Cinturato all Season aims to usher in a new style. The 21 size range, that Pirelli will make available over the next months, includes also three tires with seal inside technology, the anti-puncture solution designed to allow a motorist to continue driving thanks to a special layer of sealing materials: it closes the hole and, in most cases, the driver never even notices he has a puncture; the three tires equipped with this technology are the 205/55 R16 V, V 215/55 R16 and 225/45 R17 V. Compared to similar size tires without seal inside technology, the price spread should be between 5 and 10 percent. And finally, from a technical perspective, the new Cinturato All Season adopts a similar compound to a summer tire which is combined with a tread design that does not differ much from its winter counterpart.


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