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For the calibration of ADAS devices, CEMB has designed the ADAS CCD KIT. This equipment allows to carry out calibration procedures, as reported by the company, in a more immediate fashion, as the CCD wheel alignment system identifies the thrust axis in a few fractions of a second, providing the user with a real-time indication of the relative position between the thrust axis and the ADAS calibration structure. The universal adapters present in the kit allow to position the front CCD detectors on any ADAS/ACC calibration structure, while the rear ones remain on the wheels of the vehicle. Thanks to the software installed in the alignment program, the positioning is perfect and the procedure extremely simple. The ADAS CCD KIT proposed by CEMB is dedicated to modern workshops, as the need to calibrate the support systems for autonomous driving keeps rising and there will be more and more vehicles that will resort to routine and extraordinary maintenance of their ADAS systems. The CEMB Kit adapts to the calibration panel, is portable and does not require any installation other than the software, is simple to use and saves time.

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