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Awarded for its innovative Paguro P2 at the Reifen show, the company from Mandello del Lario is ready to reveal its cards, including a new strategy aimed at increasing its commitment towards balancing machines, tire changers and promising new hi-tech wheel aligners.

Francesco Lojola



This well-known company operates in both the garage and industrial sector – where it owes its reputation to the fact that even car manufacturers resort to using their equipment in their assembly lines – and can boast a constant technical development, thanks to the precious experiences gathered in these two sectors working in synergy.

Speaking about garage equipment, the key product, wheel balancers, thrive from the technology transfer coming through from industrial equipment and reach the Italian market through the company’s commercial network represented by Sipav.

Today CEMB reveals its cards, following the expectations created by the award, received at the German show Reifen, for technological innovation. The award winning Paguro P2 is a space-saving, hand-spin balancing system for trucks and busses that, thanks to its extremely reduced size, makes this device particularly suitable for mobile service.

“This valuable recognition - says Gino Borella, head of CEMB’s garage equipment division – is driving us to become ever so present and visible to the sector and its operators. Furthermore, in connection with a substantial change of pace leading to an expansion of our product range, 2014 is a transition year for CEMB useful for preparing to reposition our company on the market in 2015 in grand style, taking full advantage of the Autopromotec international showcase”. A more open communication is certainly worth the effort: for example, advertising the fact that wheels in some of the most important motor racing events – Formula 1 and DTM – are set with wheel balancers made in Mandello del Lario.



Innovation and service care

Despite the present negative economic conditions, the company has succeeded in consolidating its market position: “ As a whole we’re counting on a positive trend promoted by our industrial division: a number of car manufacturers are currently opening new factories, especially in the far east”. The industrial division now holds an important share of the company’s turnover, which roughly amounts to 56 million euro.

Nearly half of the turnover is generated by the garage equipment division, while the rest belongs to the instruments division. “In the garage equipment market  - Borella adds – we’re feeling, more than before, the pressure from our competitors, especially from the dollar area (Chinese included), mainly due to a favorable (for them) exchange rate. Our strategy is to contrast the strong price competition with technological innovation on the one hand, and on the other, the thorough customer service we offer our distributors the world over”.

A distribution network through which CEMB, that has branches in Great Britain, China and the U.S., reaches the markets of all five continents. Russia could represent a further opportunity, thanks to outlet networks of various tire manufacturers with whom CEMB has established agreements, much like is already happening in Europe and in overseas markets. “We have 20 employees – continues the commercial director- dedicated to technological innovation. Research and development is within our dna, as it was with Luigi Buzzi, the company’s founder, and his son Carlo, the current company’s president and technical director, who is behind all important technical innovations”.



Wheel aligners and tire changers under the spotlight

Unquestionably a sign of continuity as the foundation of a renewed strategy. The forthcoming latest products are significant: “For starters we’re planning to launch a new wheel alignment system. We made major investments on the design of this new generation device, more technologically advanced than anything else on the market”. Always searching for an original solution to measure the primary angles of the wheel, the company from Mandello del Lario has decided to develop one on its own, from the prototype to its final production. “Furthermore – says the commercial director – we’ve decided to tackle directly the tire changer’s market. Since this product is complementary to wheel aligners, we desire to have all the necessary technological know-how available in the field. All of this while confirming our partnership with the Giuliano Group, with which we have an OEM agreement”.

The target is a more efficient sales process, as well as post-sales customer care, thanks to a more accurate knowledge of the product. This new step forward bridges part of the gap with some of the competitors whose portfolio includes a variety of equipment. As far as wheel balancing machines, the new Paguro P2 can give further impulse to our global offer. “Our range of products – says Borella – is the widest on the international market, starting from this innovative mobile device to high quality products such as the self-locking truck wheel balancing machine”, a hi-tech semi-industrial machine found not only in tire retail outlets specialized in truck tires, but also in many manufacturer’s assembly lines where wheels are assembled on new vehicles. 



Wheel balancing machines, more opportunities on the market          

The object of a quick preview on the eve of the Reifen, “ the Paguro P2 is the result – highlights Borella – of a long production process aimed at meeting the needs of many dissatisfied customers, as we ascertained talking to a few of our clients. Actually, no one else could have come up with such an idea, since the reduced size of this balancing system enables it to fit in the rim clamps of a tire changer”. According to CEMB, after an initial break-in period, the Paguro P2 could generate a volume of business similar to the more standard static wheel-balancing machine for trucks and busses. The presentation and introduction of this original balancing machine for road assistance is entrusted initially to the distribution network. But other paths could be followed. This mobile service is not so widespread in Italy, and our partner Sipav is not so well versed in this field. Hence the need to start further collaborations “, like with the tire industry distribution network. “ In countries such as France and Germany – adds Borella – vehicles equipped for on-the-spot assistance have been used for some time. And there we have opened the way for further collaborations with those who equip these vehicles”. In the declared expectation of transforming an expert award into a real business opportunity.







In the “Service Concepts/Process Optimization category of the Reifen Awards, prizes given in every edition of the biennial exhibition in Essen , technology made in Italy triumphs. Technology made in CEMB, for a manual wheel-balancing machine used by service vehicles for on-the-spot assistance on trucks and busses. The reason for the award: an original concept capable of optimizing the service process. Powered by rechargeable lithium batteries, holding the charge for 24 hrs, equipped with an automatic power-off function, the Paguro P2 can be installed on truck tire changers and is controlled by a portable digital display. This device uses the frame of the tire changer and its lifting mechanism to lift and sustain the weight of the wheel, without having to use, therefore, a cumbersome pedestal, making the positioning of the wheel easy and effortless. A solution that appears valuable, all the more so looking at the more intensive use of Tpms sensors, that need a traditional balancing process to avoid the possible damages generally incurred when the classic counterweights cannot be used.   

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