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CDG-ONE's mission: training and prevention

Tire maintenance

The new training center opened jointly by Yokohama Italia and Magri Gomme near Brescia offers CDG-One network specialists the opportunity for a prestigious professional development

Duilio Damiani

This is what it’s all about: more training, careful checks and timely diagnosis, all aimed at improving the work of tire specialists and guaranteeing customer satisfaction. In order to provide the sector’s specialists with the highest degree of specialization Yokohama Italia, along with Magri Gomme, recently opened, near the Headquarters of the group in Carpenedolo (BS) an upgraded training center, equipped with the latest tire maintenance equipment.

Tailor made for members of the CDG-One network  - Yokohama and GT Radial dual brand network – theory classes and practical sessions are held on scheduled appointments during the year, supported by additional itinerant meetings in the main cities throughout Italy.

With the first class on June 28, at the presence of the trade press, the new practice classroom was presented, filled with the latest equipment dedicated to tire changing, balancing, inspecting and correct alignment. The classroom was prepared and equipped also thanks to Mondolfo Ferro, garage and tire equipment specialists.


The future is here 

"The decision to invest in training ..." says Roberto Pizzamiglio, Marketing and Sales Manager of Yokohama Italia and Magri Gomme "... means that we give great importance to the dealer’s professionalism, safety in the workplace as well as end-customer satisfaction, thus creating an essential added value to stimulate our growth as well as that of our CDG-one network, the real backbone of Yokohama’s and Magri Gomme’s national commercial network ".

This, in a nutshell, is the target of our training courses, as imagined by Federico Tebaldini, Managing Director of CDG-One, and regularly organized at our Headquarters in Carpenedolo, or as an itinerant program, reaching all our affiliates throughout Italy.

"Thanks to previous training courses, CDG-ONE specialists have had the opportunity to exam some of the sector’s most sensitive issues, such as TPMS systems, diesel particulate filters and improved workshop management strategies. So far 600 tire operators have attended our courses and we are confident that they will actively contribute to the qualitative growth of the entire industry".

The training center, now upgraded thanks to the partnership with Mondolfo Ferro - which reserves to CDG-ONE privileged conditions for the purchase of garage equipment - can boast cutting edge equipment, worthy of the most technologically advanced garages: top of the range tire changers, the Aquila Tornado with touchless / leverless technology and the Aquila Raptor leverless, the MT 3800 C balancing machine with zero gravity lift, LT Titan X463 and X130 Titan TS lifts, as well as the new passive target wheel aligner Trigon 4 Vision Platinum.

This first training event, lasting a whole day, got under way dealing with theoretical topics: wheel alignment, geometry theories, technologies dedicated to wheel balancing and diagnostics, not to mention the technologies offered by the Trigon Quick Vision system. Wheel balancing took centre stage and all aspects of this specific topic were examined in detail, from the origins of vibrations and possible solutions, measuring and controlling off-centre wheels, from equipment maintenance to calibrations, ending with the choice of the most suitable equipment for the specific needs of each point of sale.


State of the art

The practice section followed in the early afternoon, and gave trainees the opportunity to complete their training by learning how to use modern equipment able to facilitate workshop operations minimizing downtime, waste and errors, improving safety together with productivity. The support offered by Mondolfo Ferro allowed the trainees to carry out assigned tasks, ensuring, through field tests, the best learning process of what was highlighted in class during the morning.

Danilo Nava, Mondolfo Ferro Product Manager says: "We have been market leaders since 1963, first with our tire changers and thereafter with a score of some of the best selling tire maintenance equipment, all of which earned us a respectable share of the market, for example in Australia we have been the industry’s best selling brand for more than 50 years. Nowadays we can say that the technological evolution in the automotive sector centers around simpler mechanical solutions (once more refined and sophisticated) combined with an increasing presence of intelligent electronic systems. That is why a constant update of our equipment has become necessary in order to perform reliable diagnosis of the tire’s conditions, in line with the customer’s problems".  In fact Mondolfo Ferro is also known for the quality of its equipment for pre-acceptance vehicle diagnosis, wheel alignment  and balancing and the professionalism they bring in workplace.

"Our Trigon Quick Vision pre-check system “, underscores Danilo Nava, “is a great innovation,  one that allows, upon arrival and in just a few moments, just 15 seconds per axle, to check right before the  customer the wheel alignment and camber for any problem that might need prompt intervention. This allows performing a safety check on the one hand while providing additional job opportunities for the tire dealer. A touchless system, without any physical contact by the operator who, through a dedicated tablet, reads from the database, reducing the risk of errors to a minimum. The system can be expanded through Quick Launcher functions to be used also on other essential elements such as headlamps, batteries and TPMS systems".

The future, according to Mondolfo Ferro, will see a great increase of advanced technologies applied to all kinds of garage equipment, in order to obtain built-in features designed to simplify all operations, ensuring greater precision and shorter lead times.

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