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Five years after its foundation, the network of driving consultants sets up new objectives and programs, through new projects in partnership with Magneti Marelli and Mondolfo Ferro and the recruitment of new affiliates by offering guarantees on markups and all-round support

Francesco Lojola



The specialized tire retailer is still a profession in the making, and the rapidly changing market calls for quick adjustments if one does not want to be left at the starting post. Among those who are considering to lead the way in these changes, with a wide range of services, we find the CDG network. This acronym stands for Consulente di Guida (driving consultant), and characterizes a large retailer network linked to two distinct brands, Yokohama and GT Radial, now in its fifth year of life and ready to go further.

"Our goal – says Federico Tebaldini, CEO of the Brescia-based company CDG-One, which owns the network – can be summed up as a contribution to the professional growth of the specialist retailer, in order to generate new business opportunities and increase the network’s expansion and quality of the services provided to end users".

Focused on services to large fleets as well as long term rentals, the CDG network has rapidly grown into what it is today: in fact, nowadays CDG can count on more than 800 retail points evenly distributed throughout the country, 250 of which represent the hard core of the network. “These are our closest partners, the ones with whom we entertain the closest working relationship, and for this reason we single them out from the rest, which deal mainly on large fleet services”, the main object of the network’s developing efforts, aimed at creating a series of new projects.


Not just fleet management

Tebaldini emphasizes: "We still believe in the fleet management business, and this year’s significant results are expected to grow further in 2016. But now we are ready and determined to push also in other directions, supporting our partners on a path of development that cannot be delayed". This means keeping them updated and improve their technical skills.

Especially in this context, the recent cooperation with Magneti Marelli After Market must be considered, which has produced a packed calendar of training courses for every dealer. "This is a project in which we firmly believe and which has already been scheduled also for 2016". Training sessions are centered on light mechanical repairs and electronics, binding these complementary activities to the core business of the network, tires. "We are also working - adds Tebaldini - to maximize and improve the standards of the service, allowing CDG’s clients the opportunity to choose among different tires and finding the products and solutions tailored to meet their needs, with a constant attention to safety". New projects in the pipeline are aimed at extending the range of our activities, "as you would expect of a network that has consistently grown in market coverage and size, without changing the philosophy behind the development of the network and the relationships with our partners".


Training, a key factor

"In other words, the retailer’s independence remains paramount and, therefore, we are not interested in monopolizing it or setting unrealistic goals for them. Rather, we want to put them in the best possible position to assert their abilities, standing out as different on the market". A brand awareness that takes advantage also of the image of the store itself: "As part of the partnership – states CDG-One’s CEO – we include new investments in the aesthetic set up of the stores, outside and inside, since they represent us in the territory and therefore deserve all our attention". As part of the ongoing projects aimed at developing the network, the partnership with Mondolfo Ferro certainly deserves to be mentioned; this important manufacturer of garage equipment and CDG-One has also agreed on a tailored training program.  "Regular support and guaranteed margins - continues Tebaldini - are key factors in the growth of our network, and therefore the search of new candidates continues. Making sure that the much hoped for increase in sales volume will not be detrimental to our customary level of quality". The goal is to weave closer and mutually beneficial relationships, allowing the dealer to work without having to worry about markups and financial security. “We firmly believe that peace of mind greatly contributes to the quality of the work and of the network as a whole. Guaranteeing margins that can grow further on the basis of a retailer’s greater commitment, avoiding situations of financial exposure".


Services and new opportunities

As for other additional services, promotional activities follow a different path from what other networks propose. "Rather than relying on discount vouchers, so common nowadays, as a means to generate public demand in our retail points of sale, we prefer to rely on our dealer’s energy and dynamism, with special promotions that they can manage independently in order to push the sale of our products and services. We favor promotional operations aimed at putting our partners right in the center of the stage because we consider them able to better direct the purchasing decisions of our clients: taking for granted the quality of the tires, we believe in their abilities to supply our customers with the right product or service , and so far this policy has paid off".

A proactive approach that could draw additional benefits from the use of new online tools. "In this regard - said Tebaldini - we are evaluating the possibility of providing services through the CDG-One portal, combining a physical network with a virtual network", allowing the dealers to interface with their customers, both acquired and potential, managing the relationship independently. No intention of venturing into e-commerce, as many others have done: “It is not even on our agenda. The booking of seasonal tire replacements, on the other hand, is an entirely different matter, as is our customer relationship management activity”. In short, a new wave of opportunities is appearing on the horizon, one that doesn’t rely on the pragmatic approach that has so far characterized the development of retail networks.





A definite focus on consistent quality standards offered to leasing companies as well as long-term rentals: on this, fleet management services CDG has built its fortunes. "With a streamlined and dynamic network structure - said Federico Tebaldini, CEO of the network -  not to mention a strong logistics system. Something that has, on the one hand,  attracted retailers, that consider business fleet a formidable sales volume generator, while on the other it has helped us to quickly multiply partnerships". What has convinced our affiliates was, "not only an office and a dedicated website, but also product availability, the possibility of matching purchases with sales, avoiding financial exposures, a consistent flow of authorizations automatically managed and designed for fast deliveries and subsequent customer satisfaction; this is the virtuous cycle that has allowed us to grow over the years". The quality of our service, in short, is a discriminating factor in acquiring the loyalty of fleet management companies, both large and small, as well as providing day to day working instruments for our partners. "But we still have an ace up our sleeve for next year - claims Tebaldini - thanks to the direct support that Yokohama will offer in tendering and contracting”.

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