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Business opportunities in the Land of the Dragon

Autopromotec China

Enrica Lazzarini

Mission accomplished! Participating in the Guangzhou Auto Aftermarket exhibition brought the desired results. The organizers of Autopromotec along with the companies that joined the initiative returned from China with promising contacts for future trade agreements as well as sales and supply contracts for workshop equipment and products. The meetings held during the three days of the exhibition - from October 11 to 13 - were used to meet buyers, manufacturers and trade associations active both in China and in several other Southeast Asian countries. The perfect opportunity to represent the strength of the Italian industry in a country, and a market, as important as China.

This project, promoted by the organizers of Autopromotec in collaboration with BolognaFiere China and its Chinese partner Sinomachint, was also sponsored by ITA – Italian Trade Agency, formerly ICE, an agency created to promote Italy’s industrial framework abroad and support the growing globalization of Italian companies. The latter was the leitmotif in a series of bilateral meetings between Italian exhibitors and a selected group of buyers from the Guangdong region.

In addition, guided tours were organised in production plants, normally closed to the public, such as the GAC NE, which produces electric vehicles.

From Italy, among the participants there were five representatives from as many car dealerships in Northern Italy, who enjoyed the opportunity to meet their Chinese counterparts to Exchange each other’s business experience.

"More than just a trade show, Autopromotec seeks to guide its exhibitors on a quest for new opportunities offering its knowledge about several industrial systems gained through numerous institutional and associational contacts. We like to think of ourselves as an X.0 trade fair" commented Renzo Servadei, CEO of Autopromotec.





Created in 1986, AcRolcar, is active in the production and distribution of electric and manual window regulators for the international aftermarket. The product range includes more than 3,000 references, applicable to 50 vehicle brands. Thanks to its two production plants, AcRolcar is able to develop an average of 15 new references each month.



AvioRace is a company located in the heart of Italy’s Motor Valley and belonging to the Tecnolelettra Group. AvioRace's core business is the production of electronic systems and components for the motor racing sector. The company supplies components for a number of teams and brands engaged in just about any competition around the world.



Sicam took part in the Guangzhou fair exhibiting its equipment and its latest innovative workshop equipment. In particular, the company presented its FALCO EVO 630 V8 tire changer and the SBM V660 wheel balancer, able to work with several types of wheels whether cars, motorcycles or light commercial vehicles.



Cattini Oleopneumatica is a company specialized in the production of hydraulic and pneumatic jacks as well as mining and special application jacks. The YAK series is dedicated to the automotive industry, the MAMMUT series is designed to meet the needs of mining environments, while the AVIO series includes products for the aeronautical and military sectors.



Cormach took part in the Guangzhou Fair with the aim of strengthening its ties in the South East Asian markets. The company brought its equipment to China, focusing on its ability to innovate with special focus on its MEC balancing machines. The entire MEC range, developed and produced in Italy, was created to offer an extremely rational and user-friendly product.



Corghi produces tire changers, wheel balancers, aligners, garage lifts, diagnostic equipment and Adas calibration systems. The Emilia-based company took part in the Auto Aftermarket Guangzhou 2019 fair exhibiting several new products from its extensive catalogue. Participation in the event was an opportunity to highlight its presence in the Asian market.


Dino Paoli

Dino Paoli produces pneumatic and hydraulic impact wrenches as well as wheel guns and accessories for tire dealers and garages. Formula 1's experience has led to the creation of models capable of providing users with top-of-the-range tools in terms of performance and hi-tech contents. The quality of the product offered and the ability to invest in innovation and efficiency allows Dino Paoli to operate in a number of sectors: motorsport, automotive, industrial.



Set up in 2013, DPS took over all after-sales activities and distribution of original Daihatsu spare parts and accessories in Italy and Spain from Daihatsu Italy. From 2017 DPS has been expanding into the field of third party logistics. Its experience, solid organizational structure, not to mention a nationwide network, led DPS to enter the Chinese market thanks to Autopromotec.



Broadening its horizons is one of the objectives that Duessegi Editore has set for itself.

To do this, the company tries edge closer to the market of interest and the opportunity to participate in this “mission to China” organized by Autopromotec was seized by Duessegi with enthusiasm and desire to learn about a world, China, thoroughly fascinating and full of opportunities.


Fasep 2000

The company, specialized in wheel alignment control systems and tire balancing machines, took part in the Guangzhou trade fair with some of its latest products: the VCO-K.Eco is an instrument suitable for working on car and van wheels and the V684, a balancing machine equipped with a Tri-Sensor mechanical system for detecting imbalances and with an IFS (Integrated-Flange Shaft) system for maximum centring precision.


Filcar Spa is an international success story. With its two production units, subsidiaries both in Italy and abroad and its countless distributors, Filcar is present in over 100 countries worldwide. Its sectors of expertise are: exhaust gas extraction, distribution of fluids and energy, technical equipment, dust extraction and welding fume extraction. Filcar has been working for 30 years with some of the most famous brands of cars, motorcycles, trucks as well as special vehicles such as excavators, tanks, tractors, etc..



Geatek/2Fcreates products for cleaning A/C circuits, for the maintenance of automatic transmissions and the cleaning of mechanical parts. All following the Green Target project which introduces an innovative and eco-sustainable technology, carefully choosing both the raw materials used and production processes in order to protect the health-care and safety in the workplace.


Giuliano Group 

Giuliano Group S.p.a. has joined the Autopromotec initiative and participated, through its subsidiary Giuliano Automotive Equipment based in Suzhou, at the Auto Aftermarket Guangzhou 2019 exhibition, exhibiting its XBOSS, a top of the range tire changer, automatic, lever-less, without contact between rim and disassembly tool, the S 121, a super automatic tire changer with centre post lever, and the S 855 Evo Plus, a top of the range wheel balancer, super-automatic, electronic and digital with a touch screen and a pneumatic wheel locking system.



Polin-Ac is an Italian company active in the design and production of spray-booth systems for  automotive painting and multifunctional areas for every demand. During the Auto Aftermarket Guangzhou 2019 Polin-Ac presented its wide range of products designed to best meet specific needs of customers, including fans, burners and advanced control technologies, a guarantee of high technical performance, production efficiency, reduction of costs and consumption.


Politecnico di Torino

Since 2009, the IAM Italia Market Observatory has been involved in creating models for assessing economic and financial performance. IAM 3000 and IAM Trend Italia represent the two main projects. The first focuses on the economic and financial analysis of all companies operating in the sector. The second, IAM Trend Italia, is the monthly analysis of sales in terms of turnover and volumes of auto parts by IAM distributors and spare parts dealers. A company, Standard & Testing Srl – a Spin Off of the Polytechnic of Turin - has recently been set up, focusing on product certification, in particular for mechanical and body parts for cars and industrial vehicles.


Quattroruote Professional

Quattroruote Professional, the business unit of Editoriale Domus has, for some time now, been developing and offering a wide range of digital solutions for automotive specialists and insurance companies, besides consulting and training. The drive to participate in this mission stemmed from the desire to deepen the knowledge of a market experiencing a relentless evolution and constantly at the forefront of some of the most important issues of today and tomorrow: electric vehicles, batteries and spare parts just to mention a few.



Texa is an active manufacturer of multi-brand diagnostic tool manufacturer, exhaust gas analyzers, air conditioning maintenance stations and remote diagnostic devices for cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats and agricultural vehicles. The company is present all over the world with an extensive distribution network.


Top Auto

Top Auto Srl unveiled a wide range of equipment that represents the result of decades of experience in the automotive sector. All these instruments are produced directly by Top Auto. In this way the company guarantees the best assistance and flexibility in production and deliveries. Some of the company's products are FIRE F30, FIRE F35, FAN2000, WL70, RR401HI-TECH PR, RR601HI-TECH PR HFO 1234YF, HBA26DLX, HBA35ALX, HBA19/D and HBA50.



A guided tour of the GAC NE production plant

The Chinese automotive industry is making great strides: during the Auto Aftermarket Guangzhou, Italian exhibitors enjoyed the opportunity to visit the innovative production plant of GAC New Energy (a division of the GAC group). GAC NE, founded in 2017 with the mission of becoming a global manufacturer of electric vehicles, aims to reach an annual production capacity of 200,000 electric vehicles and has invested RMB 2.13 billion (US$ 310 million) in the construction of its production plant, a small technological jewel completed in December 2018.

During the visit to the plant, several models currently under production were displayed, including the Aion S compact electric sedan, designed as the main competitor of the Tesla Model 3, with a list price in China starting from 160,000 RMB equal to about 23,758 dollars.

The parent company is in continuous contact with the vehicles, being able to monitor not only the condition of the vehicle in real time, but also a whole series of very interesting statistical data: from the level of charge of the battery pack, geo-location as well as the state of maintenance of the various components.

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