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Four new premium tires are expected to be released in 2020. The Battlax Classic Racing CR11 winks at Bridgestone's Battlax Racing R11, which provides the rider with consistent grip. Thanks to V-MS-Belt (VariableMonospiralBelt) technology, the tire offers braking stability and increased feedback when cornering. At the rear, the combination of racing compounds and 3LC (3 Layer Compound) technology increases wet performance and will be available from March 2020 in size 110/80 R18 for the front tire and 150/65 R18 for the rear. On the other hand, the Battlax BT46 will replace the Battlax BT45, renewing its design integrating modern technologies. The new model has an inverted V-shape at the front to counteract the loads and reduce irregular wear, providing the rider with better handling. The rear compound has been enriched with a new silica compound to optimise performance, grip and tread wear. Bridgestone has developed this tire with the intention of covering the widest range of bikes possible, with a special focus on the touring segment. Available in 21 sizes for the front and 27 sizes for the rear, the top ten sizes will be released from January 2020, with the complete range launch to follow. The Battlax Racing Street RS11, two seconds faster than its predecessor (RS10) on a two-minute lap, is the tried and tested Bridgestone V-MS-Belt (Variable Mono-spiral Belt) road tire which maximises tread block stiffness on the rear tire to increase contact on the shoulder and significantly improve grip at maximum lean angles, while the stiffness and stability of the rear tire has improved thanks to Bridgestone’s Cap & Base compound. The thin carbon particles in the rear shoulder compound improve grip, so riders can be confident even when cornering at a brisk pace. Available from march 2020, the 120/70 ZR 17 M / C (58W) is the only size for the front tire; two sizes, on the other hand, for the rear: 190/55 ZR 17 M / C (75 W) and 200/55 ZR 17 (78 W). Presented in 2019, Battlecross E50 clinched first place in various enduro categories. Based on this, Bridgestone decided to offer a new racing tire for extreme enduro riders: the new E50 Extreme defies even the toughest terrain: it features a soft compound developed for superior grip and high traction power. The tread design fully capitalizes on Bridgestone’s Castle Block technology, already present in the E50, and maximises the “sharp edge” effect for extra traction. Available from January 2020 in a single rear size: 140/80 - 18 70M NHS.

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