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Bridgestone new sizes for Vx-Tractor

Agricultural Machinery


The Japanese manufacturer's tractor radial, showcased in its latest version at Agritechnica, stands out for its innovative tread pattern, which guarantees more traction on and longer lifespan.

Vittorio Ricci

Innovation in the field is marked Bridgestone. In the agricultural tire segment, the Japanese manufacturer displayed the latest version of its Vx-Tractor at the last Agritechnica, designed to meet the needs of farmers. In fact, thanks to a stronger casing and a large tread pattern, due to longer and deeper lugs, the Vx-Tractor provides greater traction and, at the same time, greater durability in terms of "tire life". The use of VF technology reduces soil compaction, leading to better crops and higher loads, all with reduced fuel consumption. Designed in Italy, at Bridgestone's European Research and Development Centre, the Vx-Tractor is currently available in 39 sizes, bound to increase to 47 by May 2020.

"The Vx-Tractor tire is the latest addition to the Bridgestone Vt-Tractor range of high performance farming tires," says Mark Sanders, general manager, agriculture, Bridgestone Emea. "The casing of the Vx-Tractor was created using technology that allows an inflation pressure of 0.6 to 2.4 bar, perfect for working in all conditions and ensure that even the heaviest loads can be moved. While the patented tread design optimizes traction and minimizes slippage, the larger volume of the lugs guarantees a longer lifespan, which is important for tractors regularly used both on the road and in the field”.


Built for strength and duration

The goal of Bridgestone's engineers was to develop a “high performance” tire. The tread design of the Vx-Tractor has been further improved with longer and wider lugs. This increase in volume has resulted in an increased tread depth. As far as the casing is concerned, the designers have reduced the internal tension to a minimum, so that the tire can perform very well at high speeds, carrying heavy loads, with an inflation pressure of up to 2.4 bar. These changes have increased the resistance of the tire and minimized the effects of wear and friction in both field and road use. The belt pack, which consists of six separate belts with different functions, minimises accidental damage. While the sidewall has been reinforced to further enhance resistance to punctures. As for the type of compound, Bridgestone created one able to guarantee greater wear-resistance, using a minimum percentage of mineral oils and replacing them with environmentally friendly vegetable oils.

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