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Blizzak LM005, the new winter tire



New design and improved compound thanks to Nano Pro-tech technology

Dino Collazzo

Grip and safety. Bridgestone is set to take on the winter season with its new Blizzak LM005, presented and tested for the first time last February at an altitude of two thousand metres on a snow-clad and icy test track located on Mount Cervino, and now finally on the market. Designed to cope with unpredictable weather conditions - it is not so unusual to see unexpected rainfall and frequent sub-zero temperatures and snowfall even in unusual areas - the Blizzak LM005 has a series of new features that improve its characteristics compared to its predecessors. Bridgestone's engineers have developed a product able to cope with all kinds of winter conditions, ice, snow and wet roads, and obtain the European "A" class label for grip in extreme conditions. The performance of this tire is the result of the latest engineering innovations applied to the sector, the result of the perfect match between the materials of the compound and the design of the tread: with the result of having a significantly innovative tires able to guarantee better grip in all conditions. The Blizzak LM005 stems from an original tread pattern coupled to an improved compound, the latter made using Bridgestone's Nano Pro-tech technology. Basically, this is a compound with a high silica content, which improves performance on snow or wet roads. The silica, in fact, ensures that the compound of the tire retains its inherent elasticity even at freezing temperatures, thus ensuring adequate grip and traction. The use of Bridgestone's new nano-selective technology, combined with Nano Pro-tech, further improves the tire's silica dispersion, allowing the Blizzak LM005 to guarantee consistent performance in all winter conditions. And there is more. The tread too has undergone significant changed. The greater number of grooves in the shoulder improves the tire's grip on snow and ice and optimises the contact pressure of the shoulder blocks when braking. At the same time, the full/void ratio in the central area of the tread improves water drainage and traps more snow than its predecessors. In addition, the use of the zigzag grooves allows the snow present in the grooves to adhere to the snow on the road. In practice, Bridgestone engineers have combined 2D sipes in the centre of the tread with 3D sipes in the shoulder and side grooves to provide better grip in icy road conditions. Furthermore, on larger tires, the design is optimised with longitudinal grooves used to maximise water drainage. The 3PMSF (3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake) pictogram and M + S markings mean that the Blizzak LM005 complies with all winter regulations currently in force in Europe. Today, winter tires represent 30% of the Italian market. Besides the work of Bridgestone’s technicians, the Blizzak LM005 stems from the results of a European research conducted by the Japanese company on a sample of over 20 thousand drivers. Analysing the driver’s expectations and the challenges these have to face during the coldest months of the year, allowed the engineers to shape the new Blizzak LM005, a product created to guarantee adequate control and safety in all winter conditions. Developed and manufactured in Europe, the Blizzak LM005 will be available in 116 sizes (from 14'' to 22''), to be followed by 40 more in 2020. The range covers 92% of market demand, 90% of which for 17" wheels and above. 24 models will be available with Bridgestone's DriveGuardRun-Flat Technology (RFT), integrating the benefits of Bridgestone's leading winter product with extended mobility technology. With DriveGuard RFT, drivers can maintain control and keep driving safely for 80 km at a speed of 80 km/h in the event of a puncture.


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