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Beissbarth and Sicam, the new property bets on innovation and new professional figures

Industrial acquisitions


For the Italian-German company, purchased in July by Stargate Capital GmbH investment fund, the objective is to create a supply chain based on excellence and quality of the services dedicated to the automotive sector: with a focus on tire service equipment

Carlo Ferro

With uncertainties about its future now behind, for the Beissbarth and Sicam group is now time for future growth. The group, whose ownership passed from Bosch to the Stargate Capital GmbH investment fund last July, is looking at developing a new industrial strategy. The intent of the company’s management is to increase its market shares within the tire service equipment segment, which explains the new product lines recently launched. The group's product portfolio includes: tire changing and balancing equipment, alignment machines, brakes, suspension and headlights testing tools. The core business of the two companies is quite different: Sicam is a leading tire equipment manufacturer and has its headquarters in Correggio, in the province of Reggio Emilia, while Beissbarth, whose headquarters is in Munich, Germany, produces precision instruments for the automotive industry and for dealerships. The Italian German group, with its 330 employees, is present in 150 countries and holds a total of over 500 patents. In recent years, the group’s recorded growth has exceeded, on average, 2% every year, peaking at +9% in 2016. Excellent results achieved through a development strategy focused on innovation and quality of products and services, on significant investments in research and development and hiring new and highly specialized professionals.


New ownership

Stargate Capital is an investment fund specialized in acquiring medium-sized companies throughout Europe. The operation was designed and performed following a purely industrial logic with the primary objective of creating a supply chain based on excellence and quality of the services dedicated to the automotive sector: with a focus on tire service equipment. Stargate Capital – active in the automotive sector through its subsidiary Werther International, a company based in Cade' di Reggio Emilia and specialized in garage and tire equipment with a special interest in garage lifts - was looking for similar companies in the sector able to collaborate with Werther. The new group will thus be able to rely on a more widespread distribution network with a consequent expansion of the customer base. In this regard, as of September 10, the Italian distribution of Sicam, Beissbarth and Tecnotest products will follow the commercial guidelines of the new company with its management based in Correggio. The operation concerns all kinds of wheel service products: tire changers, balancers, suspension set up, roadworthiness inspection lines and Adas systems.


Beissbarth’s latest news

The non-contact wheel-alignment system Touchless benefits from new inspection functions. In addition, the characteristic set up angles ​​are available in a matter of seconds. This highly flexible system can be used both as a traditional alignment system as well as an inspection tool. Easy Tread, on the other hand, is able, with just one passage of the vehicle over the instrument, to detect and diagnose the vehicle’s tread wear. The Easy Cam and Api functions are integrated into one single unit and the data thus produced are then linked to the vehicle license plate and made available for filing and further consultation by the workshop staff. All without the need for any manual operations. New also the ICperform Tablet App for trucks. This tool makes it possible to remotely view and control brake test benches, thus facilitating the design of the testing station which no longer requires a monitor visible from all possible axle positions; furthermore, remote control ensures that the operator can activate the load simulator without having to leave the vehicle.

For over 15 years now, Beissbarth has been a regular supplier of OE Adas assisted driving calibration systems. Over time the company has presented several solutions among which the EASY 3D + alignment system with in-built ADAS calibration technology clearly stands out, ensuring compliance with factory tolerances. Not only ADAS calibration equipment though, recent innovations have also affected headlight testers, tire changers and balancers. In the first case, the MLD 9000 introduces a new frame, a new lens for correct light beam evaluation and a new user interface usable in both diagnostic version and in adjusting the headlight; all these improvements have been developed to work around the latest generation of intelligent headlights such as: DLA, Matrix and ILS. As far as tire changers are concerned, Beissbarth unveiled its Volkswagen VAS 741 047 model, which updates the already well-known G-Frame platform with new solutions, providing customers with increased reliability and greater access for routine maintenance. The MT ZERO 6 balancer is completely new; from the design to the software, in its digital version the machine introduces a cutting edge workflow reducing the time needed to select the programs and identify the exact point of imbalance. This digital equipment will be available starting November along with the model equipped with a 22 '' Touch Screen.


Sicam’s latest products

The new car tire changers, Falco EVO 620s, Falco EVO 624s, Falco EVO 628s, although confirming similar technical specs to the previous range, introduce a new construction with various benefits including the possibility for the customer to choose the configuration that best suits his needs; not to mention an improved access for maintenance aimed at reducing that annoying downtime. The customer can choose from a wide range of self-centring plates ranging from 20" up to 28", with a central locking variant also available. The bead breaking system in addition to the traditional foot pedal offers the most precise and powerful Ergocontrol system (patented). Among the accessories available for the whole range of tire changers one can choose the Tecnoroller NG (equipped with a double control of the points of thrust on the tire able to facilitate mounting operations on even the most difficult tires) and the Sidelift (wheel lifter housed under the bead breaker arm which reduces the time needed in moving the tire and helps the operator in lifting operations). New design and improved functionality for the new line of balancers, SBM WAVE 5 touch screen and SBM WAVE 5 digital display available from November. The innovations introduced on these two items concern: a wider weight-holder, providing more space for all the work tools, an automatic protection carter that integrates both the wheel width measurement and counterweights positioning systems, an internal laser for the precise placement of the counterweights and a stop-on-top function to stop the wheel in the right position. The user interface integrates a work-flow that considerably reduces program selection times. The touch screen version, in addition to a smart diagnostic system, is a ready-to-connect solution. Looking at the line of heavy duty tire changers, the Jumbo TCS 60 dismantling tool has been updated. The new design, developed taking advantage of the experience of some of the most important companies in the sector, ensures accuracy and speed with agricultural wheels currently equipping modern tractors and other farming equipment.

SA 8233D: maximum space-saving structure, which allows to use the alignment area also for tire replacement.

SA 685 Mobile - CCD sensor system: this sensor kit can be connected to any Windows PC, especially laptops, to increase mobility and guarantee greater functionality in the workshop.

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