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Being qualified as a tire specialist is the result of an alliance between school and business

The professional institute Scaligera Formazione Engim and companies such as Lazzarini Pneusevice, Cormach, Bridgestone, Commerciale Lmv have certified the first 14 tire specialists in Verona 

Carlo Ferro

The first course for the professional qualification of tire dealers was the result of a successful partnership between the Scaligera Training Engim professional school and Lazzarini Pneusevice, Cormach, Bridgestone, Commerciale Lmv, four companies active in the mechanical field. A virtuous example of collaborative training between school and business, one that goes beyond the previous obligation to work for at least one year in the sector before obtaining a certification. The course refers to an agreement of the Permanent Conference for relations between the State, the Regions and the Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano dated 2018 that establishes "Minimum standards for professional qualification courses for technical manager in body shops and tire repair shop" and to the Dgr 1681/2018 of the Veneto Region that has regulated these training courses in the workshop activities. "Verona kick started the project hosting the first laboratory equipped with the newest technologies in the sector, set up inside a professional school - explains Gabriele Lazzarini, owner of Lazzarini Pneuservice in Verona - When I was asked to develop a course to train tire specialists, I immediately accepted because I think it is essential to offer not only adults but also students a professional training course in line with the specific needs of the sector". Know-how and professionalism are fundamental requirements for those who are thinking of approaching this profession. "Our field needs qualified personnel, familiar with the new devices now found on almost all vehicles - points out Luca Cabassi of Cormach -. In addition, training is essential to reduce accidents at work caused by little or no knowledge of the equipment". A tire manufacturer could not be missing. In fact, the category was well represented by Bridgestone. The Japanese manufacturer supported the project with the direct contribution of its engineers who were in charge of producing and delivering the course material. "As a manufacturer of tires and other rubber products - comments Massimo Metalli, field engineering and quality systems manager of Bridgestone Emea South Region – we consider it vital to enhance the professionalism and role of the tire specialist. We have been proud to share our knowledge to ensure that the profession is approached putting quality and safety standards as priorities". "The market is changing rapidly and technologies are evolving so rapidly that we can no longer afford to rely on the same old methods," concluded Paolo Giomaro of Commerciale Lmv. The course will be repeated on behalf of all those who wish to expand their businesses or start from scratch. However, this also represents a new training method, concretely tailored to the needs of the market, where companies are directly involved whether in teaching or providing educational materials, in support of the professionalism of the sector.

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