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Ginetta Cup by Yokohama


With the Ginetta G50 Cup, competitions embrace the gentleman driver philosophy, striving for  performance with an eye on the budget. Tires included, with Yokohama as the sole supplier of the Italian trophy for the last three years

Duilio Damiani

The name has an Italian resonance that immediately inspires sympathy, although the origin - perhaps the memory of a girlfriend - is lost in the history of the Walklett family, the four brothers who, back in 1958, founded Ginetta Cars. A dream that came true, from manufacturers of agricultural machinery to sports cars, which has been able to withstand the onslaught of time and modern market rules, and has reached us maintaining intact the spirit of these small British racing cars handing it down to us after more than half a century.

Great models, such as the first Ginetta, the G2, followed by the G3 and finally, in 1964, the G4 - the first to be approved for road use as well as track racing, with over 500 units produced representing a milestone for the success of the brand- tell us about the long and arduous journey the English car maker has faced with the typical care of a craftsman. Success was then reaffirmed by the two-seater coupe G15, with a fiberglass body supported by a tube-frame chassis, sold until 1974 in more than 800 units; then the turning point, with the acquisition of the brand by a new owner, former pilot and businessman Lawrence Tomlinson, who has, since 2005, revitalized the company’s approach to competitions and production, including the launch of new models coupled with more and more appearances in national championships and  European GT Series.

In the new Yorkshire industrial complex near Leeds, in England,  the new millennium models are currently being unveiled,  the Ginetta G40, G50 (the commemorative model for 50th anniversary of the brand), and the recent G60, powered by a 4 or 6-cylinder Ford engine, yet always maintaining the original DNA of the company, crafted one by one, they evolve in extreme performance and design maintaining their  personal appeal.

An authentic custom-built protagonist on the roads, but more so in European motor sport, in England as in Italy, with the Ginetta G50 Cup by Yokohama: for several seasons now the British Coupe has been challenging Italian drivers on our own circuits, including some prestigious events abroad, in conjunction with the European GT4 Cup.



Italian trophy with a euro-touch 

Alongside a production limited to 300 units per year, individually handcrafted and highly sought after by a handful of selected enthusiasts, the stylized “G” for Ginetta is known above all for Endurance and GT trophies giving the brand worldwide recognition, track racing reserved to highly modified production models, among which the British coupe has been able to win over a number of racing drivers. Whether due to its excellent GT class style, either with a single or double driver, or racing in the most famous European race tracks, or perhaps because of the company’s policy, which considers competition the natural use of these high-performance coupes, the G50 has aroused in many veteran racing drivers the desire for a second career, as well as attracting younger drivers, who see in the Ginetta Cup an opportunity to accumulate valuable experience, while waiting for a much sought after chance in a higher class.

Besides racing in Britain, Ginetta’s home country, an important championship is to be found also in Italy, where the only  Ginetta G50 cup series is raced in Europe outside of Britain. Included in the past in the Italian GT4 series, it has enjoyed a one-make championship status since 2012, in which perfectly identical cars compete against each other to emphasize each driver’s ability. The current rules provide for two one-hour races, with one or two drivers alternating, separating each event into two well distinct races.

The current season’s schedule, made up of six events, include four foreign venues, on famous race tracks such as Zandvoort, Spa, Paul Ricard and even Nurburgring, where the G50 cup is raced simultaneously with the European GT4 Series giving Ginetta the opportunity to compete for both leader-boards, with Misano and Monza to top this intense international season.

Even as we are writing these pages, the final stages of an exciting trophy for both competitors and spectators, who supported with enthusiasm this year’s 2014 Ginetta G50 Cup, is drawing to its climax, televised also in streaming on Dinamica Channel, channel 249 on the Italian digital terrestrial platform. On the starting grid, featuring numerous foreign participants, fifteen cars driven alternatively by a shortlist of forty riders, more or less regular in the championship, fighting shoulder to shoulder for the national title. At the moment the man to beat is Manuel Lasagni, who has to contend with a fierce competition for the title, followed at a short distance by Alessandro Bonacini and Salvador Tineo. We will have to wait for the final round in Monza, October 26th, for the final seal and the proclamation of the winner.

If these pages are tickling your desire for speed, it is just enough to know that Ginetta offers the most affordable opportunity to compete in the GT4 class, even just for a single race, thanks to a package - all inclusive - offered by Nova Race with the rental of a car for the six events throughout the season or even just as a driver for both sessions of each race. And if you prefer the road to the track, even the two current models of the exclusive British-built car, the spirited V6 G60 and the less demanding 4 cylinder G40, are distributed in Italy by Nova Race.                                                         


Even more racing 

The synergy between Yokohama and the Italian team of Reggio Emilia (, which effectively organizes and manages the G50 championship, was favored by a perfect combination between vehicle and tire. The characteristics of the English “berlinetta”, extremely reliable and easy to drive thanks to optimal mass balance, have found their perfect match in the Japanese tires, the Advan 005 slick tire and 006 for wet track, in single 230/650 18 size, that, even though equipped with an  intermediate compound, respectively N2391 and N2082, are able to offer perfect grip and adequate duration for both runs of the race, without the need for replacement during the between-heats pit stop.

Tube-frame chassis, composite body and maximum weight reduction allow these authentic sports cars to rely on a power / weight ratio particularly advantageous, under 3 kg / hp, which, given the 340 hp power output, translates into really exciting performance, able to entertain even the most amateur of racing drivers.

"To our great satisfaction," says Giuseppe Pezzaioli, Head of Yokohama Motorsport Italy, "for the third consecutive year, the partnership between Yokohama and the Ginetta G50 Cup will continue, in the hope that the Ginetta Cup will thrill even greater audiences this year. The 2012 season was the start-up, a real gamble for everyone, but after the success at the Bologna Motorshow in 2012 and MotorCircus in Brescia in 2013 and the 2014 season, the championship is showing potential for further growth in the future. 2014 is proving to be a very positive season, both for participants as well as spectators, considering also the inclusion of the Ginetta G50 Cup in the European Series. Yokohama will make all the necessary efforts to meet the teams’ expectations. At the moment we are working to expand the size ranges (up to 20 ") and the amount of compounds of our racing range, in response to the growing demand from other markets as well, such as the Chinese championship, where huge sizes are used such as the 290/710 20 that equips the Nissan GTR. "

In addition to this championship, to date one of the most important commitments for Yokohama in Italy, the brand also supports other competitive events of the highest level on the national scene: first, the exciting Lotus Cup, led by Stefano D'Aste (, the Trofeo Abarth dedicated to the historic Autobianchi A112 and the Green hybrid Cup ( championship for hybrid powered cars (LPG-electric).

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