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Bridgestone’s presence at Veronafiere


Great attendance in Verona at the presentation of four new motorcycle tires and the Bridgestone Champions Challenge 2014



Nicola Giardino

With last year’s MotoGP World Championship behind us, on the eve of being  confirmed, for the sixth consecutive year, as MotoGP 2014 official tire supplier, Bridgestone has chosen to present four new tires dedicated to the two wheels.

Four new  generation aces of high-level performance. Bridgestone has developed over the years a great deal of experience in technologies applied to motorcycle tires, coupled to a clean design.

A high level of comfort is guaranteed on all types of motorcycles, even on the extreme Superbike and MotoGP bikes.At Veronafiere, Bridgestone has gone further, as the team organizing the Bridgestone Champions Challenge presented the 2014 edition. Now in its sixth year, the exhibition, considered the most exciting of the IMF trophies, will see Idealgomme alongside the Japanese manufacturer once again.

The great popularity now acquired by the Challenge is testified by the numerous pre-registrations collected on the spot.Bridgestone Champions Challenge is a championship dedicated to all motorcycle enthusiasts. The very young,  desirous to build-up experience and put themselves in the limelight, the more experienced as well as gentlemen riders. There are four classes expected at the start of next year’s edition: 600STK, 600PRO, 1000STK and 1000PRO. Official pre-season tests and five stops on national circuits in Misano Adriatico, Imola, Vallelunga and Mugello (double date). Also this year the Championship is open to handicapped bikers who will have the chance to compete in the 600 cc and 1000 cc classes alongside able-bodied riders.

An opportunity to show solidarity with a category of motorcyclists with reduced mobility but great will to live and a passion for the two wheels.Bridgestone with nearly 4 and a half billion dollars in total revenue in 2013 alone, has also seen increased its brand rating from AA to AA + which is the highest in the industry.

The name Bridgestone comes from the English translation of the surname of the founder Ishibashi Soojiro which in Japanese means "stone bridge". From the beginning, the group's mission, which is based in Tokyo, is "Serving society with superior quality", entirely in line with the recent presence in the Verona Motor Bike Expo 2014.

In the city of Verona in fact motorbike lovers flow plentiful, those in search of physical contact, not only with new products and their manufacturers but also with the whole world of "bikers" to live a moment of pleasure and passion.

A community or a society (in the concept of Soojiro Ishibashi) to be served in the name of a higher quality.

All the new Bridgestone tires in Verona

Battlax Hypersport S20 EVO

Continuous improvement 

It’s the Motorrad 2012 and 2013 test winner. Compared to the test, however, Bridgestone has been able to further improve the performance of the tire, considered, not surprisingly, the most popular in its segment.

The objective has been achieved thanks to the new belt pack and new reinforced bead to increase stiffness for better cornering  and superior grip. Thanks to NanoPro-Tech technology mixed with the 5 Layers Compound on the rear, the Battlax Hypersport offers greater endurance (+22%) than the previous S20 and lower rolling resistance.


Battlax Racing R10 EVO

New structure, new compound, high performance

The purpose of making this tire is to offer more grip and cornering speed. To succeed, Bridgestone has expanded by 10% the contact patch of the front tire (size 120/70R17), obtaining greater lateral grip.

The improved rear compound guarantees longer life, more reliable performance and 20% higher grip than its predecessor at all temperatures.


Battlax Racing V02

The most recent MotoGP technology now available for Superbikes

Thanks to the innovative structure of the casing and the compound tested in MotoGP, compared to the previous Battlax V01, the new V02 guarantees Superbike riders lap times by over a second faster and greater endurance. In detail, the higher levels of grip and stability are the result of using the new GP BELT technology.

The greater efficiency at all temperatures derives from its innovative soft compound. This feature gives riders greater safety.



Battlecross X30 e X40

Advanced technology on motocross tires for medium and hard terrain

Bridgestone has strengthened its position on the motocross tire market  by launching the Battlecross X30 and Battlecross X40  for medium and hard terrain.

Both exploit the MX tread and Bridgestone’s block technology, developed and tested in the most important motocross races. With Battlecross X30 and X40  this technology is now available to riders of all levels. Since 2005 Bridgestone has taken the podium in all categories of the most important motocross championships, no less than 46 times.

Thanks to the asymmetric knobs, the new tires offer maximum stability in braking and acceleration and the maximum level of security at all leaning angles. Tested by professional riders during the Japanese Championship, the MX- 2013 Battlecross models offer a greater level of grip than the previous Bridgestone M403 and M603 that are being replaced.

The rear tires have also been designed with the new Castle Block technology with convex knobs for greater stability during acceleration. Still on rear tires, Bridgestone, for the first time in its motocross range, has used the Cooling Fin technology to reduce the heat from the continuous flexing of the sidewalls, ensuring higher performance.

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