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Autopstenhøj; give me a lift and i will pick up a car



The Danish company is active on the Italian market thanks to Dts, its exclusive dealer.

Emiliano Costa


Give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the earth”. According to an anecdote one day Archimedes of Syracuse, mathematician and inventor, was able to move a large ship with minimal effort: all thanks to a machine of his own invention that combined levers and pulleys. This intuition - Archimedes was the first to define mathematical laws on leverage based on concepts such as balance and centre of gravity - is the principle behind many of the machines and tools we use today: for example, car lifts, Stenhøj’s core business, a company that produces equipment for workshops, exporting car lifts, industrial vehicle lifts  and testing lines, as well as compressors. In Italy, the Danish company's exclusive distributor is DTS in the province of Ravenna, active in the creation of workshops dedicated to car and industrial vehicles repair and maintenance work since 1997. The Romagna-based company, will be present at Autopromotec 2019 and will exhibit the latest products from Autopstenhøj – Autop & Stenhøj brands were merged in 2016 -, as the exclusive dealer in Italy for surface-mounted and in-ground lifts built by the Danish group.


Garage lifts

Autopstenhøj's lifts vary in types and have different characteristics depending on the vehicle it is intended for - cars, commercial and industrial vehicles - and its weight. The Danish company boasts several products and lift ranges: single-column, 2-column and 4-column. In addition, in-ground lifts, which differ not only as far as capacity but also for the presence of swivel-arms or footrests. Their capacity ranges from 2.5 to 45 tons.



The Stenhøj Group is a Danish company founded in 1917 by the Dyoe family. Stenhøj, which recently became part of the Nexion Group, which acquired 75% of it, has 15 subsidiaries in 11 countries around the world and a total of 660 employees. The group, whose last turnover was 108 million euro, an increase of 16% over the previous year, produces garage equipment and currently exports surface-mounted and in-ground lifts to more than 60 countries worldwide not to mention brake test benches and compressors.



Dts is a company located in Brisighella, in the province of Ravenna, active in the creation of workshops dedicated to car and industrial vehicles repair and maintenance work since 1997. DTS supports its clients with timely advice, following the design phase, activation and workshop maintenance. In managing a project, Dts specialists use technologies and software capable of identifying the best use of the working spaces. The workshop is then completed with all the elements and built in 3D to allow a preview of the exact position of all the equipment. The activation process is performer by highly specialised personnel.




Vehicle lifts will be on display at Autopromotec in Hall 14. Part of the approximately 4,000 square metres of space in the Hall is reserved for companies that produce this kind of equipment, which is increasingly innovative thanks to hi-tech development and artificial intelligence.

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