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Autopromotec, the heart of the automotive industry beats in bologna



Motor racing will spearhead the next edition of Autopromotec, the automotive aftermarket trade show.

Enrica Lazzarini

A few months from the opening of Autopromotec, the biennial international exhibition dedicated to garage equipment and the aftermarket, a few rumours about the issues and news that will animate the Halls of BolognaFiere from May 22 to 26, are already starting to leak.

The organizers announced, among other things, the launch of a new "AutopromotecMotorsport" initiative, sponsored by AnfiaMotorsport, and dedicated to companies operating in the international motorsport sector.

Motorsport is synonymous with passion and adrenaline, but it is also a great test-bed for the new technologies expected to fill the streets in the years to come. Motorsport has always been the driving force behind the technological development of standard cars and motorcycles in a quest for greater performance and safety. A continuous search for innovation and development that has, over the years, consistently spread in other sectors of the automotive industry. We should not neglect to mention that, in Europe, Italy’s motorsport industry is second only to its British counterpart. Analyzing the data for 2017, according to the latest report by the Observatory on Italian automotive components produced by Anfia in close collaboration with the University Ca' Foscari of Venice and the Chamber of Commerce of Turin, the sector is experiencing a positive trend in terms of number of active companies, turnover and employees. In fact, out of a total of 2,190 companies operating in the automotive components sector, motorsport accounts for 4.6% (101 companies). The same is true for the turnover produced which, in 2017, was 709 million euro, recording a +8.7% over the previous year (652 million euro generated in 2016). As for employment, the number of workers grew by 5% between 2016 and 2017: in two years the sector went from 2,741 workers to 2,877. These figures paint a rather pretty picture on the current state of the country’s motorsports industry, whose turnover was also affected by the growing interest of a growing number of enthusiasts.

Right from the early days of the automotive industry, our country gave birth to some of the world’s legendary brands and models, the perfect fusion between art and technology. Here generations of engineers, designers and managers, with an unbridled passion for speed and beauty, created an unprecedented scenario made up of companies linked to world famous motorsport competitions.

AutopromotecMotorsport, therefore, wishes to celebrate the world renowned skills and quality of this hi-tech sector, offering a dedicated exhibition package, with a guide dedicated to companies producing and developing motorsports components and services, and a special logo will identify them throughout the Fairgrounds. All exhibitors taking part in the initiative will be listed in this special guide which will be distributed to visitors during the days of the event. A series of conferences under the AutopromotecEDU aegis, will focus on issues related to safety, reliability and performance: the three cornerstones that characterize the automotive equipment sector as well as the aftermarket, without neglecting to discuss what turns a racing car into a winning car.

In addition, a partnership was announced between Autopromotec and Motorsport Network, a multinational publishing group which, with 24 editions worldwide, written in 14 different languages, covers in detail everything that happens in the world of motorsports. Edimotive, the Rome-based publisher that manages the Italian editorial staff, provides Autopromotec with its own channel Italia, to promote and support the organization of dedicated conferences to be held during the opening days of the show.

The director of, Franco Nugnes, has enthusiastically joined the scientific committee that has been purposely set up to identify the issues to be discussed: scores of Italian companies have voiced their interest in taking part in the panel with solutions that allow manufacturers and teams to compete and win races throughout the globe with an important return of image on the quality of the products offered.

Both Autopromotec and are looking at a different way of communicating innovation beyond the National boundaries: the web leader has the task, even with an appropriate campaign on social networks, to turn the spotlight on companies related to the Motorsport sector, looking with particular interest to the world of education and vocational training in order to meet the needs of those seeking qualified personnel (each company is implementing new mechatronic division that did not exist up to a couple of years ago) with whoever can bring a breath of fresh air and youthful exuberance.

What remains now is to officially start the countdown to Autopromotec 2019.

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