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Autopromotec 2013: the new "Diagnosis Pole"

Autopromotec has announced the arrival of the “Diagnosis Pole”, a new exhibition space that will be at the next edition in 2013.
Because of considerable interest shown by the makers of national and international diagnostics tools, the requests for bigger areas from historical exhibitors, and the growing interest in the exhibition and in this sector in particular, the organizers of Autopromotec have announced that two new halls will be opened - 14 and 15 – with a total exhibition area of almost 20,000 m2 that will be totally devoted to diagnostics equipment.
The birth of the “Diagnostics Pole” not only represents the relocation and expansion of the exhibition area dedicated to this equipment and traditionally hosted in a much smaller area in hall 30, but also the organizers’ intention to develop around it a series of targeted educational and informative initiatives for the greater characterization and qualification of the space itself.
Already accustomed to the strong sector-related orientation of the various halls, visitors at Autopromotec 2013 will now be able to visit a genuine diagnostics fair, where they can find out more about all the new developments in car electronics and regulations.
Apropos of this, 2013 promises to be a particularly important year for the car inspection market when MCTCNet2 comes into force. As a consequence, operators will need new diagnostics tools for this kind of service: for companies and operators, the Diagnostics Pole will be an essential meeting point where they can find the answers to all their queries, as well as all the new developments with regard to the application of the ministerial protocol.

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