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Autonomous cars testing now also in italy

Smart Road


The first application for tests on self-driving vehicles on Italian public roads was recently approved in an effort to promote Smart Roads.

Diego Barbera • Giornalista sportivo e tecnologico /

The first authorisation to test self-driving vehicles on Italian public roads has been unanimously approved, as stated by the Technical Observatory of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. No surprise there, but still necessary to start the process that will lead self-driving cars to gradually become a regular feature on our National road system.

Autonomous driving is certainly one of the areas in which automotive and hi-tech companies alike are focusing on for the future, relying on innovations in the field of environmental detection (with pedestrians, road signs, etc.) and autonomous actions in case of danger. All supported by the advent of 5G technology with its high speed connectivity and low latency.

The decision, taken on March 22nd by the Technical Observatory for Smart Roads, authorized the first step towards a future of self-driving vehicles, provided for by Ministerial Decree 70/2018, starting with the necessary first testing phase. No margin of error allowed, because when something goes wrong it normally involves the safety, and life, not only of the passengers inside a self-driving car, but also those in other cars, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians on the road. In short, it will take time and a lot of tests to acquire the necessary knowhow that will allow - in a not too distant future - cars to move independently on every road around the world. Speaking of self-driving cars, Tesla recently presented the new Model Y, ready to be equipped even here in Italy with the most advanced autopilot option, able to  guarantee some degree of autonomy to a car.

Many are the companies involved in this sector, from BMW to the Chinese Nio. At the recent Ces 2019 show in Las Vegas many of the cars (and even motorbikes) on display were clearly pointing in that direction. 

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