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Analysis of how Italians use transport

In 2010 Italians used their cars less frequently for travelling on holiday or on business. Air travel, however, increased (for both types) and train travel for business purposes also increased. The Observatory on Sustainable Mobility at AIRP (the Italian Association of Tyre Retreaders) analyzed data from an ISTAT survey which showed that between 2009 and 2010 the use of the car decreased from 65.6% to 64%.
Even if its use has dropped compared to previous years, the car still reigns supreme. It is used for 67.2% of holiday travel and 42.2% of business travel. The strongest downturn in 2010 referred to business travel because of competition from trains (the start up of high-speed trains) and planes. Holiday travel was influenced by the growth of low-cost flights, but not by high-speed trains as the cost of the latter is still fairly prohibitive.
Current trends apart, cars  are used much more than other means of transport. Much has been done in recent years to reduce the car’s impact on the environment but there is still a lot that can be done. The AIRP Observatory maintains that of particular importance is the adoption of ecological solutions such as retreaded tyres, which give quality new tyres a second life, cut down on the use of raw materials and reduce costs considerably. To guarantee safety, retreads are governed by ECE UN 108 and 109 regulations, mandatory throughout Europe for the sale of tyres.

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