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Alliance Tire Group presents Agri Star II

Agricultural Machinery


The new tractor radial features the innovative Stratified layer technology, increased longevity and a new design

Vittorio Ricci

Alliance Tire Group continues on its expansion path in the European market, driven by innovative solutions and the development of high-tech tires, as evidenced by the new Agri Star II tractor radial. In fact, the group, now in the orbit of Yokohama Rubber Company, has its core business in the design and production of agricultural tires. The latest Atg effort sets new standards in terms of performance and longevity in this important product segment. Designed in close collaboration with farmers and retailers, the Agri Star II guarantees, both in the field and on the road, superior performance compared to anything that preceded it, including a longer working life thanks to its innovative Stratified layer technology (Slt). And that's not all. The new radial also features a new design and a D speed rating: the possibility to travel up to 65 km/h. Agri Star II is available in 76 sizes, including dimensions tailored for specific use and loads, so as to fully meet the most varied needs of the market.


Stratified layer technology and a new design

As agriculture represents a particularly demanding working environment, which needs specific solutions, Alliance Tire Group's engineers have developed a special technology, Stratified layer technology. Each lug has two different profile layers. The top layer has a single angle profile, while the bottom layer is made with a multiple angle profile that compensates for the loss of performance due to tire wear. The combination of an aggressive tread pattern and the new lug design deliver perfect traction in the field even after a long use and, at the same time, more than adequate handling when moving on country roads.

In short, when the top layer of the lugs - about 40 percent of the tread depth - wears out, the bottom layer comes into play and the lugs change geometry.

The bottom layer, according to the company, offers a level of traction comparable to a new tire, which translates in a longer working life. "For modern agricultural tires, a long service life is now a vital factor," explains Angelo Noronha, President Emea of Alliance Tire Group. “Our goal is to lengthen the life span of the tire providing maximum traction even after prolonged use. Agri Star II offers a level of traction equivalent to that of a new tire even after 40 percent of the tread has worn off”. However, Alliance Tire Group's engineers did not limit themselves to SLT technology alone, but went on to focus also on the tread and the casing.

The high volume of rubber in the centre of the tread and the greater stiffness of the structure, combined with the special design of the lugs, facilitate stability and grip when having to move on the road, as well as anti-skid properties. The new radial also features wide shoulders designed to protect the soil and crop when working in the field and on turf. Agri Star II tires are also equipped with a special Stubble-Guard compound for added protection, while the polyester casing maintains the shape of the tire consistent over time even in the event of overheating due to particularly demanding working conditions. All of these innovations go hand in hand with a new, more refined design. The 5-sipe sidewall design with 3D effect, the Teflon-coated mould structure and the "blacker than black" colour make Agri Star II more recognizable than its predecessors.

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