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Alliance Agri Star II, the result of a long designing phase

Alliance Agri Star II, the new tire launched last year, took around 24 months of development by Alliance engineers. Various materials and components were used in the development process. Pet, polyethylene terephthalate, is the reinforcement material chosen for the Agri Star II. Polyester, on the other hand, was chosen in place of the more popular nylon as a particularly resistant material for the casing and belt fabric. This allows the tire, according to the company's instructions, to retain its shape even after years of use in harsh conditions. The material also prevents temporary deformation of the tread. In designing the Agri Star II, Alliance engineers also worked on the ability of the tractor tire to adapt to on-road transfers ensuring greater comfort, reduced noise and vibration, sustained speed, low wear and good steering and braking. The central part, where the lugs overlap, offers more rubber to the road. The additional rubber offers more stiffness and less wear on tar roads improving the road driving experience. Speed rating D - 65 km/h - is another standard feature used by engineers to improve the tractors' road performance and operators' driving experience. The Agri Star’s Stratified Layer Technology, as explained by Alliance, is the ability to give the tire a "second life" after 40% initial wear, thus ensuring traction even during the second part of its useful life. "After 40% wear, when the top layer of the lug is completely worn, the bottom layer comes into action," explains the company. At this stage the lug geometry changes and, thanks to the multiple angle profile of the bottom layer, these become wider and curve more. The reduction in Nsd is fully compensated for by a wider contact area: thanks to the multiple angle profile, the lugs effectively repel mud providing continuous traction".

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