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All-round efficiency

Petronas Urania


Petronas Urania’s development strategy, along with leading partners such as Iveco, focuses on the creation of lubricants that will guarantee, besides higher performance, efficiency in terms of fuel consumption and emissions.

Nicoletta Ferrini

Life on the road, as fascinating as it may seem, is far from simple. Many solitary hours behind the wheel, traffic congestions, adverse weather patterns and uncertainties on arrival times. Not to mention risks and dangers for the driver as well as the vehicle, whether driving or taking a break.  One of the main concerns for all transport operators are unplanned stops, which translate in delays, higher costs, loss of business and, last but not least, a damaged reputation. Therefore, according to Petronas Lubricants International (Pli), being a good partner for independent transporters and fleets means, taking on these concerns providing customers with adequate solutions that, on the one hand, will enhance engine performance and an overall increase of its life cycle, while anticipating future challenges. First and foremost, energy efficiency.


Energy efficiency

And the latter, is clearly one of Petronas’ main priorities, as shown by the hefty investments made in developing products for commercial and industrial vehicles as well as in contributing to the reduction of harmful emissions and fuel consumption. "One of the main challenges we have to face along with our customers, especially in Europe, concerns the possible penalties applied to Diesel vehicles," says Giuseppe D'Arrigo, CEO of the Pli Group. Since sustainability is a crucial element of our growth strategy, especially in the management of environmental and governance issues, Petronas Lubricants International has allocated 75% of its future investments in R&D activities on emission reduction projects. Our current partnerships focus precisely on finding more sustainable transport solutions". Among these we find our Petronas Urania E³ ("E cube") project - where the triple "e" stands for "energy", "emissions", "efficiency" - a new generation of low viscosity lubricants that will contribute to increase energy efficiency, reduce the number of oil changes required and increase the overall life cycle of a truck engine, without any penalty in terms of performance. The result of a joint development effort with Iveco, E³ was created with CNG/LNG fuelled engines in mind, whose popularity, according to both companies, is expected to soar in the next few years.

E³ is the most recent initiative jointly implemented by Petronas Urania – the Malaysian producer’s  brand dedicates to commercial and industrial lubricants - and Iveco. Over the years this  partnership evolved, and has led to the creation of bespoke lubricants for the Italian industrial vehicle manufacturer, whose uniqueness is certified by a "contractual technical reference". The collaboration is based on a co-engineering development of fluids for maximum lubrication of the engines designed by Iveco in order to maximize their energy efficiency. An example of this is the 0W-20 Petronas Urania Next lubricant. Launched on the market about two years ago, the product boasts the lowest viscosity on the market, ensuring significant performance in terms of fuel economy: a saving of 2.5% in fuel consumption and a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.


More efficiency, more sustainability, improved management

Not just Energy efficiency and sustainability, though, as hauliers and fleet managers feel a growing need to contain TCOs, while still requiring optimal and consistent performance over time. The range of Petronas Urania lubricants with ViscGuard technology for industrial diesel engines prevents the negative effects of abrasion, reduces carbon deposits and resists oxidation, preserving a consistent level of viscosity. "Petronas Urania with ViscGuard technology protects the heart of the vehicle against deposits, positively affecting management costs", points out D'Arrigo. Superior engine protection which guarantees our customers to meet their daily business commitments over time. The accumulation of carbon deposits, as D’Arrigo explains, is a common problem which, if underestimated or not properly addressed, can lead to sudden and unexpected engine failures. The soot particles produced by combustion process are "silent killers" that can contaminate the engine oil, cause clumps of larger particles and increase wear and tear. Petronas Urania’s ViscGuard technology, on the other hand, has been created to disperse these deposits preserving the highest possible viscosity level throughout the engine’s life cycle.



Deserts. Race tracks. Ordinary roads. The many souls of Petronas Urania found the perfect setting during the Petronas Urania Truck GrandPrix weekend, the first and only Italian stage of the European Truck Racing (Etr) Championship 2018. In addition to supporting some of the drivers on the track and, as main sponsor, the Schwabentruck Team, Petronas Urania confirmed its commitment to truck racing, taking on the role of title sponsor during the Italian leg of the championship, which took place on the "Marco Simoncelli" circuit, May 26 and 27 2018. During the event, the Malaysian brand displayed its own philosophy of product development, in its many applications, to customers, fans and enthusiasts alike. "Petronas Urania means technology and passion, - explained Jean Claude Dal Grande, Head of Cluster (Italy, France, Iberia) & PLI Key Accounts Europe -, technology in the products used during competitions and then offered on the market; and passion, our drivers’ and our customers’ passion".

Much was laid on the table at Misano. During the two days of the event it was possible to take a close look at how both Schwabentruck Team drivers prepared to battle for the title with their Iveco Stralis 440 and 56 XP-R: the 30-year-old German, Steffi Halm (# 44), the only woman racing in the championship, and fellow countryman and multiple championship winner, Gerd Körber (# 27). The hospitality area, pumped-up by a permanent dj-set, showcased all Petronas Urania products, and provided extensive information on the company’s lubricants as well as the new E³ project. Thanks to a simulator located inside the stand, several customers and enthusiasts had the opportunity to experience the excitement of a lap on board a racing truck. Outside the stand, the trakker used by Wuf van Ginkel during the Dakar rally was exhibited along a special Iveco Stralis 460 NP with E³ livery.

"Special guests" were two drivers whose commitment and passion allowed them to achieve excellent results in their respective fields, namely the master of desert competitions Gerard de Rooy and the ever popular "trucking girl" Iwona Blecharczyk.

The Dutch champion, in particular, met up with enthusiasts and professionals and related his experience in challenging competitions such as the Africa Eco Race and the Dakar Rally. A few lucky Petronas Urania guests had the opportunity to “hitch a ride” alongside de Rooy on his Iveco truck in a special off-road track, purposely set up near the main circuit.

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