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Aica assembly

At the time of going to press, the Aica - the Italian Garage Equipment Manufacturers' Association - assembly in Bologna on 3 December had just ended. It was an important meeting in that in addition to announcing new appointments it was also an occasion for discussing many other subjects, from promotion abroad, regulations, and protecting Made in Italy. Italy's automotive industry holds a significant share of the international market and exports over 70% of its products.

On the domestic front, numerous initiatives are underway and include the experimental stage of the MCTCNet2 protocol for regular vehicle inspections. It is a system that is keenly awaited by the market in that it was specifically designed to make fraud more difficult. Changes in legislation involve numerous product standards and other laws and directives, the observance of which is summarized in a list of markings which were discussed in a specific report. One of the Association's aims is to explain the meaning of these markings to the market. The contents of the assembly were particularly rich and we will look at these in the next issue of the magazine.

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