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The General Framework of the automotive industry


From the 9th to the 10th June 2016, two days of meetings and debates dedicated to the automotive industry, its entrepreneurs and top managers will be held in the Opificio Golinelli, in Bologna. Round-table discussions dedicated to analyzing and ‘outlining’ the future of the aftermarket sector, with both Italian and international speakers, representatives from both the institutions as well as the automotive industry, for a much needed dialogue with Autopromotec

Luca Ricci

In an ever-changing scenario, Autopromotec, the international biennial exhibition of automotive equipment and aftermarket products, responds to the need, expressed by partners, operators and exhibitors, in the year between two events, to take stock of the fast and complex revolution that is affecting the sector.

The Aftermarket’s new scenarios as well as the evolution of the Workshop 4.0, are some of the themes analyzed during the first "Autopromotec Conference – General Framework 2016" event, scheduled on the 9th  and 10th of June at the Opificio Golinelli in Bologna.

The aftermarket sector and its relationship with networking technologies, a trend responsible for much of the changes taking place in the automotive sector, certainly deserve the limelight.

An international conference organized with the support of the Ministry for economic development and ITA ItalianTrade Agency, in collaboration with ANFIA and AICA, to study and discuss new scenarios, new standards, new aftermarket business models, an occasion of reflection and update dedicated to the automotive industry, equipment manufacturers, spare parts dealers and the world of workshops, with contributions from the protagonists of these changes.

Autopromotec adds a new dimension to its mission and summons the various stakeholders of the automotive sector to Bologna, why? First, because the industry is going through a momentous revolution with cars subjected to relentless technical developments in terms of safety, fuel economy and connectivity. Second, because Italian companies feel the need for an ongoing discussion with the bodies behind regulatory, technological, organizational and commercial changes, to better adapt their business models in the times and manners dictated by the markets.

Also because Autopromotec is already a qualified reference for its ability to create business, to attract operators, to communicate with the aftermarket’s community in Italy as well as abroad. Because Bologna is, historically and traditionally, the beating heart of the national automotive system, a production reality and a hub of international events capable of attracting hundreds of thousands of professionals and specialists. The key word behind the industry’s evolution is connectivity: “the Internet of things” responsible for the process of change taking place, which will, most likely, greatly affect the future of the business.

Autopromotec, true driving force behind the industry’s development, through its international biennial exhibition and AutopromotecEDU, now with "Autopromotec Conference – Stati Generali 2016", provides in-depth information, exclusive networking, becoming a national and international reference point for the sector.

It is no coincidence that one of the hot topics discussed by the Stakeholders of the aftermarket is “Workshop 4.0”. The key word behind the industry’s evolution is connectivity: the Internet of things responsible, as stated above, for the process of change taking place, which will, most likely, greatly affect the future of the business. From remote diagnostic systems to cyber security going through networking services, in-depth analysis on the current scenario of technological innovations with direct testimony from representatives of the Italian Government and target countries, members of the European Community, international groups, consulting firms, entrepreneurs and managers, all responsible in driving the change.

In this context, “Autopromotec Conference - General Framework 2016” is the only Italian event dedicated to automotive equipment and the automotive aftermarket, two days to explore the themes related to mobility. "Remote diagnostics and networking services, opportunities and challenges relating to vehicle service, assistance and the aftermarket" (June 9), will discuss the future of networking services related to the automobile, while "Market size and competitive dynamics. The aftermarket: how is the sector evolving?" (June 10), will provide an overview of the technological developments in the automotive industry as well as encouraging Italian companies to develop business in emerging markets.



Renzo Servadei, CEO of Promotec

"A strong outcry came from the Autopromotec stakeholders for an event dedicated to an in-depth analysis of the hot topics relating to the world of garages and the aftermarket. The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade Associations have, in turn, become interpreters of these needs and made us aware of the opportunity to organize this first edition of the Conference – Stati Generali (General Framework). There is a great need for timely dialogue, debate and accurate information on the sector’s development - continues Servadei. Strategic decisions of fundamental importance must soon be taken, if companies are to keep up with the current changes".


Carlo Ratti, Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology of Boston and Director of MIT Senseable City Lab

SENSEable mobility

"Nowadays, cities allows us to obtain huge amounts of information, which can be transformed into answers for both citizens and even governments. Several examples have shown to have a strong impact in our everyday life: energy waste, healthcare, food distribution, education, traffic, etc ... Data recorded in real time help us to use the road infrastructure more effectively: we already have autonomous vehicles or networks that allow us not waste time and fuel in finding a parking space. Autonomous vehicles will surely have a dramatic impact on urban life, eliminating the distinction between public and private transport. "Your" car will give you a ride to work in the morning and then, instead of just waiting idle in a parking lot, will give a lift to someone else in your family - or anyone else in your neighborhood, in your social media community or in your city". 

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