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An increasingly International flavor for the aftermarket show


Now that expressions of interest have reached record numbers, the layout of the Bologna exhibition in 2015 will see important news and special attention to internationalization


Luca Ricci

Autopromotec, the most specialized international exhibition of automotive equipment and aftermarket products, will be held in Bologna 20-24 May 2015, and is registering for the next edition a strong demand from exhibitors, with ​​tires, wheels and related equipment recording the greatest interest. If, in fact, the demand on the international market is very strong, even at national level important changes are expected in all areas, under the thrust of recent regulations and technical development. Just to mention some of the main new features, starting from next November, vehicle tire pressure control will be compulsory, which will lead to an increased level of competence by tire dealers, while for wheels a new decree on approvals is forthcoming. But many areas are witnessing a strong technological development, think of the new refrigerants for vehicle air conditioning that will require an adjustment in terms of both equipment and competence. Crucial is also the entry into force of the new MCTCNet2 inspection tests, whose path toward implementation has recently been defined and which PNEURAMA will further discuss in the future.

The attention to the environment and the need for growth and renewal will also see an evolution in service stations, and that is why Autopromotec will propose a new initiative called "Filling station equipment, car wash and car care products." Essentially the field of service stations and vehicle care will occupy not only the outer area 48, but also hall 25 with the consequent relocation of part of the bodywork section to hall 30.


The "Industrial Vehicle Service" initiative has been confirmed also in the next show, which will include, among other things, a guide specifically dedicated to the industry. In short, even the next Autopromotec edition will be full of new features.


What remains unchanged is the attention to International promotion. A series of projects with various institutions and associations, both national and international, have been activated in order to promote, on the one hand, the trade show in other countries, and on the other, the Italian aftermarket system.


These initiatives will be implemented in cooperation with national institutions such as ICE- Agency for the promotion and internationalization of Italian firms, and the Emilia Romagna region, to accelerate the globalization process of the event.

At the same time, on the international front, reinforcing promotion projects with the focus on countries such as Turkey and Brazil, where specific activities will be carried out, like public relations, advertising and road shows that will feature groups of buyers and the local press. In addition, new promotional activities and scouting are programmed in countries such as Vietnam and Indonesia, where exploratory missions will be carried out in view of the interesting developments of the automotive aftermarket industry in those countries.


In this first part of 2014, Autopromotec confirms the renewal of important cooperation agreements with the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Buenos Aires, as well as ICE Chicago, whose support will be fundamental in promotional activities designed to host in future exhibitions a growing number of qualified buyers. Finally, we must emphasize that all these actions fit within an overall plan that includes promotion activities and cooperation agreements with magazines and associations of various countries.


Planned and intensified compared to previous editions are Autopromotec’s international communication activities, that will see the event planners attend the major trade shows worldwide, including Interauto in Moscow during August, and the Sema Show in Las Vegas next November, where Autopromotec will have a collective exhibition space with other AICA associates.

Confirmed in this sense also the network of press offices specialized in the automotive sector in European countries considered strategic, such as France, Germany, UK, Spain and Turkey, in which a continuous and targeted activity, as in previous years, will bring greater visibility to the event.

Over the next few months, the organizers of Autopromotec will communicate in more detail the current initiatives and developments; to follow these and other news, details can be found as always on


A specialized exhibition finally cannot do without a strong cultural component, and to this end a team of experts is already working to prepare the program AutopromotecEDU, the brand under which the organization collects moments of in depth study, conference activities and training. This is a facet of the show on which the organization is focusing, so much so that it is expected to become a permanent activity after the completion of the organizer’s new headquarters. But that is another story and we will talk about it in an upcoming issue of the magazine.

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