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Not just a focus on research, processing and direct transmission of data, but also on issues such as placing orders, swift and efficient  spare parts delivery as well as a monitoring options on repair works coupled to preventive diagnostics

Paolo Ferrini

Right from the first edition, back in 1971, the Repair & Maintenance sector has always been Automechanika Frankfurt’s cornerstone, the seed, so to speak, from which the event has developed in the following 45 years. This last edition, which took place from September 13 to 17, was no exception and saw the participation of international companies specialized in spare parts, garage equipment, software development, vehicle manufacturing, accessories development and marketing, energy production and distribution as well as transport and logistics. All united by the certainty of being able to shape the future of mobility and automotive services with their own creations.


Workshop: an insider’s look into the future       

The Future Workshop section dealt with how computing, big data and e-Mobility will transform future garage activities. Not just a focus on research, processing and direct transmission of data, but also on issues such as placing orders, swift and efficient  spare parts delivery as well as a monitoring option on repair works coupled to preventive diagnostics.

Free access to vehicle data seems to be an essential prerequisite. Continental, for example, showed how through remote access, nonpartisan data about vehicles of all brands could be gathered, analyzed and sent to workshops for an effective preventive diagnosis.

Specific information about a vehicle is and will continue to be gathered, analyzed, classified and preserved. IT technology paves the way for new technical applications. In the near future, evaluating damages caused to a vehicle’s body by, for example, a hailstorm, will be possible by simply pushing a button and, based on data taken from a digital picture, determine with great accuracy the extent of the damages. In the future, garage services targeting both a private clientele as well as corporate and rental fleet management services will become increasingly important. But most importantly, urban areas are witnessing a considerable growth in car-sharing projects.




Beissbarth: quick tread inspection

Beissbarth new Easy Tread system, able to quickly visualize and measure the thickness of the tread upon arrival, is clearly aimed at facilitating garage vehicle acceptance. Color codes and HD video cameras, coupled to the complete absence of moving parts, makes the system resistant to external factors such as dust, vibrations, dampness and variation in temperatures.

Furthermore, Beissbarth unveiled its MS 670 tire changer with ergo control bead breaker, advanced wheel lift and a central clamping system. The MS 670 features a lever-free mounting head and an assistance post with two separately operated assistance arms also for run-flat and UHP tires.

Moreover, the new automatic 30-inch tire changer MS 900with central clamping has two bead breaker disks able to protect, beside the tools with lever-free mounting head, both the rim and the TPMS. They are easily and intuitively controlled by a panel. Two laser pointers ease the entry of the rim size.

On top of this, Beissbarth also launched its new MT 849 AS wheel balancer equipped with – among other features - a contact-free measurement function of the wheel width. Measurement routine lasts only six seconds, and the quick locking system along with the direct selection of the most important balancing routines represent other characteristics of this wheel balancer.




Butler: Memory and ELX preview

Butler presented its new Memory series, which introduces a new function in the Aikido range. The button for the automatic return of the tool head to the memorized position allows quick new mounting or demounting operations. Now the new Aikido Memory line is sturdier and more compact, leaving space for other important operations. Butler, thanks to its lever-less technology, promotes its “zero-stress effect system” concept. Made from scratchproof synthetic material, the new Memory eliminates all risks of damage to the rim and bead during demounting and remounting operations and allows the specialists to work closer to the edge in total safety.

Alongside the development of the “lever-less” range, Butler unveiled also a more “traditional” line of tire changers with levers, dedicated to those operators who are still willing to give tires and wheels the white glove treatment in total comfort, preserving, at the same time, a more traditional working style. The new ELX range, originating from the previous TLX, fills this role with its new electric motors, maintaining its characteristic “tulip” shaped inner clamping system and a new bead loosener.

The advantage of an electric motor consists in the power and speed it supplies in any condition, as essential element regardless of the air quantity and pressure. The new inverter ensures a suitable speed/torque ratio and the right combination of speed and quality of the work performed. The new bead breaking system is managed through new and more efficient commands which, separating the commands of the air system from the hydraulic circuit, allow to keep the machine under control even in the most delicate situations, where strength is certainly the most important quality in terms of performance and results.






Cemb: Argos and two new balancers

Cemb displayed its new Argos, the latest touchless wheel aligning system, now ready for mass production and distribution.

Argos, the result of years of research, testing and technological development by Cemb, always on the lookout for user-friendly systems, fast, reliable and able to cope with all kinds of tires and vehicles. The manufacturer declares that toe and camber can be reliably measured in just 5 seconds without clamps, targets or sensors and no manual adjustments for vehicles with different wheelbase, besides not having to worry about taking off the wheel covers.

Its advanced and intuitive software can be operated in remote, and the measuring process as well as the detection of ongoing procedures and pre-selection of vehicles specifications, all automatically start as the vehicle enters the workshop.

Furthermore, Cemb presented two new models of the Argos line: ER63 and ER65, thus completing a whole range of products. The ER65 is a wheel balancer that features a large monitor with an intuitive graphical display, available also with pneumatic wheel locking and electrically powered brake, while the ER63, a rather versatile product, also boasts a pneumatic locking system and an optional LA Sonar for wheel width measurements.




Corghi: Innovation award for Corghi Uniformity

During the Automechanika event, Corghi received the 2016 Innovation Award (Repair & Maintenance Category) for its new diagnostic tire changer Uniformity. Able to detect even the slightest irregularity in both wheels and tires, the new Uniformity can help operators in match-mounting operations identifying any vibration due to geometric deformation of the wheel unit. The presence of a presser roller and a high resolution laser triangulator, Corghi’s Uniformity can perform a thorough diagnosis of the whole wheel/tire unit detecting, during mounting/demounting operations, the wheel’s geometry and the uniformity of the tire (lateral and radial force variations and tread wear) responsible for disturbing vibrations when driving.

Corghi’s Uniformity was the choice of a panel of 9 experts after evaluating the different proposals by 130 firms in 8 different categories, and was showcased along other innovative and cutting edge products during an interactive exhibition in the Frankfurt Festhalle.






Cormach: three new items

Among Cormach’s new devices unveiled at Automechanika, three new products really stood out: the new CM 1200 BB tire changer, a highly automated machine with a double bead breaking disk designed to meet the needs of the sector’s specialists, a sonar placed on the MEC wheel balancer and an updated version of the Racing tire changer where the tilting column allows comfortable operations on wheels of considerable width. 










Giuliano: 40 years shoulder to shoulder with the sector’s specialists

During the 2016 edition of Automechanika, Giuliano recalled its 40 years of activity exhibiting a selection of some of its most successful products alongside its latest machines. Among them one truly stood out, the new S120 tire changer, a real space saver which can be placed against any wall without the need for any space next to it. Boasting a parallelogram swing arm and a self centering system (exclusive patent) moved by 4 cylinders which, being able to evenly distribute their load, allow to lock the clamps on the wheel uniformly and safely.

Giuliano’s super-automatic “Touchless Leverless”  tire changer, on the other hand, was presented in an updated version, one that positions this machine at the top of the company’s product range, which represents a unique working concept, totally dedicated to the specialist who, despite having a totally automatic machine, can decide to manually step in at any moment during the working process.

Obviously, the already acclaimed Crossage Evo Plus, already presented earlier this year, could not be missing, the only machine equipped with an exclusive Lever-No-Lever system that allows the operator to change any type of tire with or without the lever. Crossage Evo Plus was conceived as a traditional tire changer, but has now become rather special thanks to the accessories that turned it into Giuliano’s best seller.





Hofmann: two new Geodyna wheel balancers

Hoffman (part of Snap-on group) presented its new wheel balancers Geodyna 7340P and 7750P: the first is dedicated to workshops with a low-medium business volume and features an integrated touch-screen graphical display located in the weight compartment. The second, destined to workshops with medium-high business volumes, features the same touch-screen display with a Diamond user interface and proves to be particularly ergonomic, facilitating and speeding up the work. Both, on the other hand, can boast a graphic display touch-screen and Smart Sonar technology easyALU as well as easyWeight and Power Clamp.







John Bean: two new products to celebrate 20 years with Snap-on

Snap-On celebrated the first 20 years since taking over the John Bean brand unveiling the new B340 wheel balancer with PROtouch technology and the new V1200 aligner.

The first proves to be a true game changer, setting new standards in its segment, with high performance in terms of use, interface, speed, precision. Besides PROtouch technology, a touch-screen graphical display with a user friendly intuitive display, the new B340 features cutting edge technologies such as easyWeight, the pinpoint laser light indicator, which accurately and conveniently positions adhesive weights, easyALU, semi-automatic pre-selection of balancing modes, not to mention torque-controlled PowerClamp along with VPI Virtual Plane Imaging (patented), and Smart Sonar, a system that reduces data gathering process by 30% and allows the balancer to be connected to the net, even with a Wi-Fi connection, making it possible to print a job card directly in the office.

The V1200 aligner, on the other hand, is a new 3D machine intended as a new milestone in the wheel aligning segment. The revolutionary data gathering adaptive software facilitates the different stages, providing clear and intuitive information to the operator, both in terms of language and graphic display. The use of new technologies such as Wi-Fi, Cloud networking and internet connections, is an integral part of John Bean’s new proposals. 






Omcn: from prototypes to production           

OMCN exhibited the final version of its X-line lift, last seen as a prototype last March and now in production, which uses a proprietary operating system, which through a double scissors-lift (front and rear) and a fully electronic alignment system, is able to guarantee maximum flatness during installation and use in any working condition.

This series, developed to comply with all the stringent OEM parameters, is designed especially for users who need a lift with universal wheels contact, able to lift the smallest city car as well as long wheelbase vans.

In the stand, during the German trade fair, visitors could admire the 863 model which represents the most complete configuration of the X-series line, with a lift table length of 5.600mm, rear oscillating plates, large and modular front slots to host rotating plates, a 4-ton lift-table capacity and 4-movement play detector with wireless lamp.







Sicam: new SBM V85 balancer

Sicam (Bosch Group) exhibited its new SBM V85 electronic balancing machine, which, due to its small size, is particularly suitable for all those workshops that have space problems. Sicam SBM V85 allows to perform all balancing operations on all types of vehicles by reading the necessary data on a TFT display. The Alueasy electronic measurement system and the software package, which includes all static and dynamic routine balancing procedures, greatly simplify use.










Space: enter the new 3D aligner

Thanks to the exclusive 3D target, able to frame the target with a single camera, the Space Sphere 3D ARP3DATS.B goes beyond the concept of a “traditional” 3D systems. Thanks to this feature, Sphere is able to detect all vehicle angles in just a few seconds. Unlike other devices, this represents, therefore, a true 3D system, where the third dimension is not present, but only detected from a mathematical calculation following the off-center: the time required is therefore considerably less than that of the other machines.

Furthermore, there are many other advantages: no fixed obstacle in front of the vehicle, thus maximizing the space inside the workshop and automatic positioning of the cameras makes each procedure much faster, data transmission always 100% guaranteed, without transmission problems due to the presence of obstacles or unusual lighting conditions, Bluetooth technology, thus no cables to obstruct the operator's activities, complete flexibility on multiple workstations without being forced to work on a single platform with the possibility to work on any of the lifts present in the workshop and at different heights (automatic lift level compensation).

Sphere 3D aligners are also equipped with Quick Control system, which allows to rapidly diagnose the direct angles of the front axle of the vehicle without having to clamp the wheels for a full procedure, making it ideal for workshops, dealerships and tire fitters: operation time reduction is quite significant increasing the number of vehicles checked and delivered on a daily basis.






Texa: TPS 2  for TPMS systems

The new Texa TPS 2 is an especially designed professional instrument to be used on TPMS systems, featuring a large high-resolution color display making it easy use and read data even in bright sunlight. A Wi-Fi module allows users to configure and connect to a network in order to download software updates and manage additional functions.  Furthermore, the TPS 2 also features Bluetooth Dual Mode for rapid communication with the TEXA interface connected to the vehicle and with a printer. This advanced connectivity also allows TPS 2 to communicate with the latest low energy TPMS sensors. A powerful, 5 megapixel camera on the rear of the device can be used to capture images to be attached to customer reports, as well as other functions destined to appear in the world of tire pressure monitoring and maintenance in the near future.




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