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The European Market up by 4,8%, thanks to a 218 billion euro turnover

Paolo Castiglia

The automotive industry accounts for a huge volume of business: European data are very positive indeed, and forecasts for trailers and semitrailers follow suit. But let us start with the latest sector overview by the Ifh Institute of Cologne. As reported by an article on the Sole 24 Ore, the sector, which involves the production of spare parts and components, recycling methods, sales and distribution as well as the installation of all vehicle parts, grew by 4,8% in 2015 in the EU market alone, producing a 218 billion Euro turnover in terms of original components, spare parts, accessories and tires.

Meanwhile, last year vehicle repair and maintenance alone,  represented a 135 billion Euro business volume, while the entire Automotive Aftermerket is worth something in the region of 500 billion Euro, according to Mark Aguettaz, CEO of GiPa Italia, and could peak at 640 billion Euro by 2020 if current growth forecasts remain positive. A global GDP giant that keeps on looking with growing interest at emerging markets (such as Indonesia, China and Brazil) as well as having to deal with increasingly connected cars and predictive maintenance procedures. 70 percent of the spare parts distribution is currently held by the Independent Aftermarket, now engaged in containing the growing onslaught of Original Equipment manufacturers: increasingly interested in setting foot in the after sales market.  

In this scenario, our national supply network is growing on the double. Likewise, also car repair expenses are growing along with a propensity to globalize our Made in Italy. According to the latest report by the National Association of the Automotive Industry’s Supply Chain, in the first 6 months of the year exports of domestic car components reached a total share of 10.4 billion euro, a performance that represents a 5% share of all Italian exports.

Furthermore, the UNRAE Centre for Studies and Statistics provided additional good news, according to which, on the basis of data provided by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, it estimated for the first nine months of 2016 a 34.6% increase in new registrations for trailers and semi-trailers with gross vehicle weight exceeding 3.5 tons compared to the same period in 2015, with 10,700 vehicles sold against 7,947 recorded the previous year.

"The recently established terms for submitting the financing applications for the 9 million Euro fund allocated for the acquisition of trailers and semi-trailers in combined transport - says Sandro Mantella, of UNRAE – will definitely provide a significant boost to the overall renewal of the towed vehicle fleet. Nevertheless, our goal is to continue to draw the attention of both the Government and Parliament to the fact that, an adequate level of safety on our roads must take into account incentives for the renewal of trailers and semi-trailers for road transport, all the more so as the use of obsolete trailers pulled by modern lorries with upgraded active safety technologies would create potential dangers".

In order to have a better and ever more detailed understanding of the market, Unrae has recently re-launched with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport a dialogue aimed at defining in detail the characteristics of towed vehicles as well as their related equipment and uses, particularly topical both in Europe and beyond.

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