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A new name from the past




Anteo, Prometeon’s new global range of truck tires, takes its name from a historic Pirelli range. The new brand focuses on low operating costs and premium technologies. We talked about it with the Ceo Europe, Marco Solari


Massimo Condolo

The first global brand entirely developed by Prometeon is set to hit the market, completing a multi-brand offer alongside Pirelli and Formula. Anteo, is a name with quite a history behind it: once a Pirelli flagship line in the truck tire sector in the 1940s and 1950s, Anteo, as a full-range supplier, is looking at reducing operating costs with a product portfolio designed for industrial fleets. Nowadays, fleet managers are diversifying their tire range by categories, and being present in all three segments with a premium quality tire is absolutely vital. Two lines of products are available to customers, all with 22.5 wheel diameters, 3PMSF marking and high retreadability. The Pro range is intended for road transport: the Pro-D tractor model is available as 315/70 and /80 and 315/80, as well as the Pro-S steering; for trailers and semi-trailers the company offers the Pro-T 385/55 and /65. The Mover on-off road range is available as 315/80 and 13R 22.5 for both the Mover D tractor and the Mover S steering, while the MoverM multi-position is available in size 385/65. The new brand, which takes advantage of the group's advanced technologies, is aiming to combine an attractive price with first-class technologies. We talked about it with Marco Solari, Ceo Europe of the PrometeonTire Group.

Why was it decided to revamp an important and historic brand?

"It is nice that people remember the name Anteo, one of Pirelli’s historic truck products. Anteo is part of our heritage: our technological roots and know-how are deep and rooted in our past when we were one and the same company with Pirelli. Strengthened by such heritage, deeply rooted in the company’s DNA, Prometeon insists in its quest for innovation and ongoing research and now the company is ready to hit the market with products based on in-house technology. We wanted to recall the figure of the giant, Anteo, to underline the link we have with trucks, the modern “giants” of the road. According to the myth, Anteo draws its energy from his contact with the earth, a bit like our tires that allow trucks and buses to safely travel thousands of kilometres".

How is the new Anteo positioned on the market?

"The new Anteo is aligned with premium Tier 3 products; at the same time it guarantees high technological contents and, consequently, a rather advantageous quality/price ratio compared to the Tier average. It is positioned in the price range of a reliable product in terms of performance, based on Prometeon’s premium technology".

Aren’t there any risks of overlapping with Formula products?

"Our other brand, Formula, will still remain in our product portfolio as it fills an important role in our marketing strategy and the way we manage our sales and distribution channels. In addition, Formula, will be increasingly used by our partners in European countries in view of its advanced technology and excellent level of competitiveness in order to support the margins of our networks”.

What kind of technologies has Pirelli transferred in the new range?

"Anteo tires have been developed keeping in mind the perfect balance between Prometeon's premium technology, reliability and performance suited to the price range to which the brand is dedicated: from raw materials to casings, plies and belts all the way to developing new tread pattern".

How will the distribution network be organised?

"Distribution will follow a logic of maximum efficiency, which means minimizing costs while maintaining the level of the services offered in line with Prometeon's quality standards. As a product, Anteo is transversal to the entire distribution network, providing fleet managers with the right level of service on the resale market. Prometeon will therefore continue to promote the capillarity that distinguishes the group’s distribution strategy, the nature of a leading company”.


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