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At end 2012 the network’s balance sheet was in line with forecasts: the driving force behind development, which by 2015 should increase the number of outlets from the current 109 to over 200, is powered primarily by a perfect management method and the concrete example of model centres

Francesco Lojola

CEO Martial Lafont doesn’t hide his satisfaction with the results of the recruitment actions in Italy: the overall balance sheet at the beginning of 2013 showed 109 member outlets, 62 of which already had the green-yellow-blue signs of the Michelin group’s multinational network. “In a couple of years” – Lafont added – “there will be over 200 members, in line with the aim of covering the entire national territory and ensure the same level of service for private and professional customers everywhere”. All according to plan, therefore. The economic situation does not seem to have slowed down the development of the network; on the contrary, in some cases potential new members decide much faster to change pace and format by expanding the list of its services.
“The sign of change has hit the mark: the need to adapt to new requests by customers who demand 360-degree service in a framework of total transparency, professionalism and customer care.  These are the keys to standing out in the market”.

Trusting and profitable relationships
According to the manager, they are the same keys that throw open the doors to new growth: “In this way, the service and the cost of quality work can be greatly enhanced by operating with complete transparency in a relationship of trust.  Being professional and always demanding a lot from yourself, which we recommend for our members, is the way to create loyalty. And the results are proving us right, because even if turnover doesn’t increase today, when you return the vehicle key to customers after a free check-up, assuring them that everything is fine, you will have their complete confidence when the time comes for your intervention”.
A basic direction that can be shared without a doubt and according to which the revenue objective is part of a strategy that targets growth in value as the successful solution for professionals and customers alike.  Which is reflected in a development action that is sustainable in the long term: a concept that was put across strongly at the national Euromaster convention held three months ago in Florence.

A method with measurable effects
“Also because” –  Lafont  confirmed – “we were able to present the network with the concrete results in terms of increased value achieved by members in operation for at least six months. Starting from the assumption that every aspect of our method is measurable in practice (if it isn’t, there is no value), we demonstrated to those who had not yet had direct experience and were on the verge of doing so,  that our approach works in the North, Centre and South, in small towns and big cities.” Under examination were the strong points as well as critical aspects, because the method proposed by Euromaster, which embraces organization, service schedules and everyday work, must be put into practice day after day with every single customer and, just like all substantial changes, it is the same as learning to write with the left hand when you can do it perfectly well with the right.
“Members tell us about their problems, but also about their determination to handle the change their modus operandi. Which testifies to the validity of an approach that certainly never allows you to rest on your laurels, and general satisfaction with the constant support of our team of consultants who follow them every step of the way and who, they tell us, make the difference”.  At the moment, there are about a dozen specialists for the entire network, but their numbers will increase as the network grows. Their role is to help the entrepreneur to prepare a plan of action that envisages precise measurement parameters for sticking to the guideline.

Consultants always in the field
A “shoulder” to lean on for a more complete and objective view of the business trend, a necessity if you are not to be sucked into the whirlwind of daily work. “It also emerged at the convention that all members” –  commented Euromaster’s CEO  – “would like to have more and faster. But they also understand the need to follow the established schedule, the objectives of which are very clear, in the same way as the individual stages and relevant timescales”. In other words, there are no shortcuts if the purpose is to lay the foundation for durable business development.  And no exceptions, not even for the model centres whose characteristics and width and depth of the services offered are prototypes to be copied. For Euromaster management they testify to the concept which also envisages future synergies between real outlets and virtual  networks: “Online” – said Lafont – “is a growing phenomenon, an increasingly larger segment of customers who have checked the Internet before going to an outlet and so our strategy must take them into consideration. In the meantime, we have renewed our website ( to create the conditions for new online projects”.
Imminent new developments include the expansion of the fleet business: “The coverage of the territory achieved by the network to date enables us to sign agreements at national level with firms that have various branches in Italy.  These are being handled by a new member of staff in Milan, whose role is to sell services to fleets in accordance with centralized specifications”.

• Piergomme, the 50th outlet
This is the multiservice and multi-target outlet prototype that made diversification the master key to its business. Spacious, organized and functional,  with equipment renewed more or less entirely, seamless reception and work protocols, punctual servicing and delivery, the Piergomme Service Centre at Campobasso is member number 50. A model centre for Euromaster, the testimonial of a concept that is immediately credible.  Fabrizio Pietrunti, the owner, said: “Initially, when they proposed the project, I smiled: after 16 years I thought changing operating decisions and mechanisms was absurd. But then, the primary value of the work method emerged: Euromaster is the specialist that serves specialists”. Piergomme, which opened an impressive new outlet that covers most of Molise, has 21 employees and offers services that range from mechanical to electrical work, from alignment to underbody maintenance for cars and trucks, roadworthiness inspections, a carwash and the sale of spare parts and consumables. “Today we follow an operating method that brings all our work up to the same standard of quality. We constantly set new goals and our efforts go into achieving them and monitoring our growth progress. With the additional advantage that, thanks to clear and precise guidelines, our employees know what they are talking about and put it into practice. And customers show that they appreciate the different approach, they trust them and recognize the added value of the method”.

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