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The winter comes with new initiatives and the sticker "I have winter tyres"

Antonio Berardi

In recent years, winter tyres have gone a long way in Italy. We saw this last year, for example, with the increase in regulations that enforced the use winter tyres or chains (in some cases, throughout the winter, in others, when it is snowing). Greater attention by the authorities and institutions, greater awareness of drivers have put winter tyres centre stage in the road safety scene.
Winter tyres have also been the subject of important legislation (law 120/2010) which, among the many amendments to the highway code, has replaced letter e), paragraph 4 of art.6, which states "that vehicles shall be equipped or have on board anti-slip devices or winter tyres suitable for driving on snow and ice". So snow tyres have cleared the road for winter tyres that now have the role of correct equipment for the cold season, and not only if it is snowing.
Much has been done by "Pneumatici sotto controllo" (, or "keeping tabs on tyres", the Assogomma and Federpneus campaign that for ten years has been promoting road safety and the importance of tyres as the only contact with the road. Specifically, the initiative "Winter in Safety" drew attention to the importance of correct equipment during the cold months by involving sector operators, control bodies, institutions and associations. From tests on tracks to technical-legal information about winter equipment.
To prepare for this year's winter, a handbook on the subject has been distributed (an insert with the magazine) with all the latest updates from regulations to amendments to the highway code, useful advice, and reminders about the importance of planning tyre changes and of greater collaboration by all those involved: manufacturers, retailers, road authorities and drivers.


The winter tyre sticker
Winter 2011/2012 has been enriched with an important initiative by Assogomma's tyre manufacturers in collaboration with road policing units that took part in the project "I have winter tyres": a sticker for cars that allows those equipped with four winter tyres to be more quickly identified.
The sticker will be very useful during police checks carried out before forecast snowfalls and will avoid the familiar road blocks. Obviously, the sticker will not prevent specific checks of tyres and the markings required by law.
It is not obligatory and will be distributed free by the tyre specialists who handle the brands by Assogomma's tyre manufacturers: Bridgestone, Barum, BF Goodrich Tyres, Ceat, Continental, Courier, Dayton, Debica, Dunlop, Firestone, First Stop, Formula, Fulda, General Tyre, Gislaved, Goodyear, GT Radial, Kleber, Kormoran, Mabor, Marangoni, Matador, Michelin, Motrio, Pirelli, Platin, Riken, Sava, Semperit, Sportiva, Stomil, Taurus, Uniroyal, Viking, Yokohama.
The sticker identifies only vehicles fitted with four winter tyres and can be used if four new or used tyres have been mounted, provided that they meet legal requirements. And this leads naturally to law 122/92 that governs the vehicle repair category, including tyre specialists, and the ban on do-it-yourself. Just as the mounting/removal of tyres must be carried out by sector professionals, so must the sticker be applied by tyre specialists who will have an additional tool for setting themselves apart from impromptu tyre dealers.
The new initiative will also provide an opportunity to emphasize the "reasons for road safety" that will add value to the performance characteristics of individual products, thanks also to the participation of road policing units.

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