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The necessity to enhance the offer of services as a distinctive element of the tyre specialist’s professionalism was understood by an enterprising group as a need to unite local retailers. This led to the Associazione Gommisti Veronesi, an important local association for sharing the messages to be conveyed to customers

Antonio Berardi

THE BIRTH of the Associazione Gommisti Veronesi was made official at its first assembly in Verona on 18 October. Of the 102 companies that were invited and which represent almost all the tyre specialists in the province of Verona, 67 took part - a total of 80 people. Of these firms, 48 had already registered or did so during the assembly, while many others said that they would register in the coming days. The meeting was held in the "Ermete Lucchi" room at the multipurpose centre next to the Bentegodi stadium.

The firms currently represent about 70% of the turnover from retail tyre sales in the province of Verona. Satisfaction was considerable for Federpneus national director, Roberto Lazzarini, chairman and promoter of the new association, who has been working on achieving this result for over a year. Roberto Lazzarini took on the role of catalyst for a group or retailers that began to meet primarily to analyze the subject of service. The first initiative last year was a statistical analysis of the value of services in various areas of the city and the province aimed at verifying ways of optimizing this important source of income for tyre retailers. Presented at subsequent meetings, the survey increased interest in the activities of the group of association promoters. It was precisely this interest in its early activities that carried them forward to the point at which the articles were defined and the association was established.

The constitutive assembly was opened by the chairman of Federpneus, Guido Schiavon, who said that the association had always encouraged the development of local associations and hoped that the example of the Veronese retailers would be copied by other firms. Federpneus is in fact made up of a strong aggregative component as well as individual independent retailers. The local association is important for sharing the messages to be conveyed to customers and it also plays an important role in relationships with local institutions and the media,  which was represented by the press and television at the meeting in Verona.

After complimenting the Veronese retailers on the success of the initiative, Federpneus secretary Renzo Servadei talked about the new labelling law. Specifically, he said that as part of the European Union’s aim to reduce emissions, a parameter strictly linked to rolling resistance, it had issued this directive and added other elements such as wet grip so that the former parameter would not be implemented to the detriment of performance that is essential for safety. As we know, the third important element taken into consideration is noise, the limits of which will be gradually reduced. It is obvious that these are just some of the parameters for tyre performance; advice from experienced tyre retailers will continue to be an essential element when it comes to choosing this product. Roberto Lazzarini spoke about the fundamental stages that led to the birth of the Associazione Gommisti Veronesi and the constitutive assembly. After discussing the work on services, he talked about subjects which the association is currently handling, such as spreading information among retailers with regard to labelling laws and winter tyres, the correct and unequivocal content of which is of fundamental importance for users. To achieve this objective,  a leaflet has been prepared for distributing to customers.

During the assembly, the association logo was presented, which shows the Verona Arena surrounded by a tyre tread, and a poster that makes the association outlets immediately recognizable for customers. Also under construction is the website that will soon be online and will complete the first stage of the activities of an association that in just a few months has been able to gain the confidence of the retailers in the province in which it operates.




Lazzarini Roberto (Lazzarini Renato e Roberto e C. Sas Pneumatici)


Bonetti Enrico (Bonetti Gomme Srl)


Leone Federico (Autoservice Snc di Leone F. e Braga R.)

- Collegio Provibiri

Bottazzini Matteo (Bottazzini Renzo)

Franchetto Luca (Sambogomme2 Srl)

Rigoni Federico (Gi.Ri. Gomme di Federico Rigoni)


Adometti Paolo (Pneumatici Adometti Sas di Adometti Stefano & C.)

Coltro Andrea (Centro Del Pneumatico Coltro)

Girelli Loris (Girelli Gomme Snc)

Masiero Marco (Masiero Gomme)

Pedrazzi Cristian (Pedrazzi Pneumatici Snc)

Salgaro Luca (Puntogomme Sas)

Scapini Gianluca (Scapini Gianluca)


Solima Genito (Pneusgm di Santo Manoli)

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