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By the end of the year will be launched on the Italian market, a software created and developed to meet all tire-related needs expressed by manufacturers, distributors, retailers, service centers and even small repairers

Nicoletta Ferrini

Tire dealers and repair workshops now have a precious new tool at their disposal. No, not a futuristic screwdriver or a sensational diagnostic device, but a management software that promises to tackle and solve almost all tire and workshop management issues with ease and efficiency, helping to increase both performance and level of service. Incadea.fastfit , this is the name, has been developed by Incadea (a multinational and part of COX Automotive group based in Munich), as an evolution of a product already dedicated to the tire distribution sector produced by incadea BSS (a subsidiary of incadea and specialized  in developing applications for companies active in the tire business - production, distribution and trade).

"Incadea has transformed Incadea Bss’ original product to address not only the needs of specialized manufacturers, distributors and retailers, but more extensively towards automotive dealers and service centres currently offering tire and workshop services - explains Giancarlo Serra, managing director of incadea Italia. - Fastfit is a product evolution developed following new market trends: in fact, on the one hand, repair networks are  busy expanding their business adding tire services, on the other even the "traditional" tire retailer is now starting to look at the opportunity to start maintenance and repair activities”.


All-round specialist

Despite addressing a wide range of specialists,  one of Incadea.fastfit’s strengths is its "multifunctional specificity". "Rather than being satisfied with simply downgrading a more articulated product such as incadea.dms (also known as Myengine, a management system  created in 2000 by incadea, but dedicated to car dealerships), the company has chosen to focus on  a Software made  to communicate directly with professionals in the tire sector  - says Giancarlo Serra. - With incadea BSS, incadea acquired not only a product but a specific "know-how" necessary in producing a truly specific and complete solution".

Incadea.fastfit has much in common with incadea.dms: they are two similar and parallel products as far as their basic functional logic and features. Both use Dynamics Nav as a platform and feature Microsoft's graphic interface and features. Starting from this widespread basic standard, incadea.fastfit can also easily be "personalized" for different markets, “speaking the language” of the market to which it is addressed especially when it comes to administrative rules and regulations. "Over the years, this has been incadea’s choice, entrusting the development of its products locally through selected partners based in each country – in Italy this is what happened with DEC, now Incadea Italy - says Serra. "This has allowed Myengine to gain worldwide recognition and we are confident the same will happen with incadea.fastfit".


A single software for all kinds of activities

The words that best describe incadea.fastfit are "simple" and "complete".  In fact, Incadea’s Management system includes several features aimed at facilitating all workshop and tire related activities : from quotations to orders, from receiving vehicles to billing, from stock monitoring to supply, besides customer record management and the possibility of carrying out complex in-depth analysis of the business. “It is a sophisticated tool that, through a single interface, allows to complete a variety of different yet connected activities, sharing up-to-date data and helping to create a functional record", says Daniele Capra, key account manager at Incadea Italia.

Despite the many possible applications, incadea.fastfit  is surprisingly simple and intuitive and settings can be customized for each access profile. Basically, the program includes five user roles: "Front Office", which includes all activities directly addressed to the customer; "Back Office" which includes sales, billing, CRM, and so on; "Master Data" allows to use recorded data for analysis and reporting; "Finance" and "IT Manager". "All credentials assigned to preset roles can be modified and extended - explains Capra -. Similarly, each user can customize their own "digital dashboard", highlighting often used features or the most useful and interesting".


Easy management and with no errors

In addition incadea.fastfit guides the user step by step throughout each task. "It is structured as a path with clear steps, which can be bypassed if necessary, but which limits, at the same time, the possibilities of error. The "plus side" of all this is that everything happens within the same framework, that is through a single software. No need to run other programs or retrieve data from different files - everything is done within incadea.fastfit, explains the key account manager.

The software is in fact central to the whole system. Through incadea.fastfit, for example, all the products available in one’s own stock or a supplier’s stock can be viewed immediately. In the latter case, it is also possible to have immediate access to price lists and any discounts on behalf of the retailer. In addition, detailed quotations can be easily issued, comprehensive of labor costs and any auxiliary services, and sent to customers. Once a positive reply has been obtained from the customer, incadea.fastfit can set up an appointment for the work, assign the activity to one or more workshop operators, order the necessary components and spare parts, manage transport and delivery services, and, of course, file all the information.


"An important step has to do with checking the vehicle upon acceptance looking at the overall state of the vehicle along with the customer - explains Capra. – At that point we take note, for example, of the level of tread wear. The data not only goes to "enrich" the customer's data, but allow the specialist to estimate when a tire replacement will be necessary. This information will enable the workshop, through CRM functions, to warn and call the customer well ahead of time".

After completing the work, it is always possible, through the system, to notify the customer via SMS or Email and then produce the invoice quickly and easily.

In addition to its many functional features - including, for example, the "tire hotel" service or the management of the loading bays, even online - incadea.fastfit allows also to elaborate reports, whether preset or customized, in order to obtain specific indicators on corporate results. Easily manageable using Excel, Pivot, Power Pivot tables.


Expected by the end of 2017

Incadea.fastfit marketing should take place by the fourth quarter of this year. The software will be offered in two different formulas: as a "one-off" use license, with a periodic “pay-per-use” maintenance subscription. The software will be immediately available in "cloud" access mode as well as "on premise" system. The management is ready to be used, at a later stage, also via "mobile".

"Incadea.fastfit is already arousing the interest of several stakeholders in the supply chain – according to Giancarlo Serra. "We believe that this product will really respond effectively to the needs of the average tire dealers”.

A new tool, therefore, is about to be added to the work bench of any professional, and promises to become the most indispensable of them all.


incadea: a young yet well-established company

Incadea is a young yet well-established company. Born in 2000, it soon gained widespread recognition across Europe, thanks to a network of international partners.

Nowadays, Incadea, a Cox Automotive brand, is a leader in software solutions and services for the global automotive market.

As a result of its proven track record and experience in the automotive industry, incadea supplies software to automotive companies and their global sales networks.

Headquartered in Munich, Germany, and 1,000 employees in more than 90 countries, Incadea supports over 100,000 end-users worldwide, and more than 4,000 market-leading car dealerships .

Incadea’s experience in the automotive industry is quite evident within the software, which provides solutions in 21 languages ​​entirely focused on the specific needs of the individual markets.

Incadea Italy has its legal and commercial headquarters in Milan, where the newly-formed incadea.fastfit Business Unit, specialized in Aftermarket/tires, is also found, and an operative subsidiary in Trieste, home to help-desk and technical support services, Software development and Incadea.dms’ Business Unit.

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