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Autopromotec 2015

The 2015 event will be the 26th edition, a celebration for its 50 years of history, as always with an eye to innovation and the usual international flavor. The great event to be held in Bologna is preparing to celebrate its 50 years with a further increase of exhibitors and with many new features.

2015 could be the year, for the Italian automotive industry, of the long-awaited recovery of the car market, according to the latest positive data on new registrations. The road to a complete recovery, however, is still long, and the aftermarket could be the star of the event once again, considered a Cinderella only a few years ago but quickly becoming a real cornerstone for the entire national economy. The fact is that the next edition of Autopromotec, to be held in Bologna from the 20th to the 24th of May, 2015, promises a further growth in the number of exhibitors compared to the 2013 record- setting edition.


The growing demand for exhibition space, observed by the organizers, certainly reflects the sector’s turmoil and the wind of technological innovation sweeping across the whole aftermarket sector. Innovation displayed in multiple facets: new rules on vehicle inspections (MOT tests), with the MCTCNet2 system finally becoming operative, requiring major technological upgrades by operators; the introduction of TPMS, turning the tire into an "intelligent" unit, forcing tire specialists to work with software and electronic tools; Rapidly growing in-vehicle infotainment systems, and this year’s event will display many news in this specific area; new emission directives, in turn, are stimulating the market as well as the issue of reducing fuel consumptions. The automobile resale sector is also extremely interested in getting actively involved in the aftermarket, and this is certainly an additional element of interest during Autopromotec 2015.


Noteworthy is also is the participation of foreign exhibitors, the result of an intense international promotional effort aimed at bringing to the fair more and more buyers from different areas of the world: an element of interest for strongly export-oriented companies, a great feature of this sector, and that will undoubtedly find in Autopromotec the right place in which to exploit the appeal of European technology on international markets, both for traditional and developing markets. Thanks to the international promotional effort, in fact, the event will host official delegations of buyers from 24 countries.


The international scope of the event is confirmed by the participation of several companies that will be exhibiting at Bologna for the first time, confirming the strong appeal of the fair, which continues to offer the highest specialization, quality and completeness of product ranges for sector professionals.

The distribution of the exhibition spaces during Autopromotec 2015 will allow visitors to easily plan their visit according to the different professional interests, making the most of their time.


The increase of exhibitors has made it necessary to make a few small changes in the floorplan, making the fair ever more comfortable and functional. New features await the tire specialists that, as in past editions, will find new tires, retreads, wheels and tire equipment in halls 19, 20 and 22, and this year also in Halls 15 and 31. As always, exhibition space for tires and tire equipment was the first to be filled, reflecting the dynamic nature of the industry and the wealth of the offer from the many exhibitors, with several interesting news and innovations relating to TPMS, both in terms of products as well as programming and diagnostic equipment. As usual, Hall 29 will be dedicated to lifting equipment and visitors will have a look into the sector’s excellence.


Interesting innovations, however, will be on exhibition throughout the show. The spare parts section, present here for the fifth time, but immediately able to attract a large number of visitors, recorded a very positive trend and will occupy Halls 16, 18, 21 and part of 15; the presence of numerous all-time exhibitors will be further boosted by the arrival of some of the sector’s biggest players. Halls 14 and 15 will see the growing presence of manufacturers of diagnostic equipment, with the presence of new and old exhibitors, as it was in 2013. Filling Station Equipment will also have an allotted space in this year’s event, with the participation of the most important companies in the field of service stations and car washing equipment, located in Hall 25 and the adjacent outdoor area 48, which will bring together in one place all products and services related to motor vehicle care and cleaning.


Hall 30, which housed the space dedicated to AutopromotecEDU in 2013 – the in-depth study program in current topics of the automotive aftermarket - during Autopromotec 2015 will be used once again for the exhibition and along with Hall 26, will house all the equipment and products for workshops and body shops. Finally, Hall 36, historically dedicated to equipment, will display even more specialized tools and multifunction equipment, including compressors.


The exhibition area includes, in addition to 14 halls, also 3 outdoor areas: area 45 will host breakdown equipment, area 48 will continue to deal with equipment for service stations, while area 44 will be allotted to the Industrial Vehicle Service program, dedicated to industrial and commercial vehicles. This latter initiative made its debut during Autopromotec 2011 and offers an exhibition space dedicated to transport vehicles, featuring companies involved in roadside assistance and maintenance for transport vehicles with a special logo identifying exhibitors of equipment , components and spare parts for trucks. This year, special attention will be paid to LNG, or liquefied natural gas, seeing the important impact it will have on commercial transport in the future. A solution able to guarantee concrete possibility of operating cost reductions for transport operators (while reducing emissions, as required by laws aimed at promoting environmental awareness and protection); for this reason, the organizers desired to highlight such technologies by displaying together, for the first time, in Hall 44, thanks to an important agreement with Federmetano, the entire LNG production and distribution chain, from Gas producers to distributors, as well as transformation kits, like gas cylinders and components, ending with vehicles by some of the main car manufacturers currently increasing their range of models with new LNG fueled engines.


Such an important issue will not miss from the AutopromotecEdu agenda, which will, as always, offer moments of information, exchange, analysis and debate on the most topical issues of the automotive aftermarket, both with an international outlook and with the cooperation of the most specialized professionals as well as industry representatives. The mission of Autopromotec, in fact, is to provide its audience of visitors and exhibitors not only a direct contact between producer and operator, which has always been the strong point of the event, but also "software" tools for the growth of the business: information, in-depth study on current trends and new market opportunities, incentives and ideas for new business opportunities. Consistent with this vision, the four-day program of meetings and conferences, from Wednesday to Saturday, will allow all participants to take home some concrete ideas for future activities. The AutopromotecEdu event schedule will be soon available on the website, while the list of confirmed exhibitors is already available and constantly updated, and in the coming months will be replaced by the definitive catalog of the event.


Also the “App” dedicated to the event will be updated and enriched, developed for both the Android and iOS operating systems, and can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store and Apple App Store (iTunes). The new version, featuring a new graphic design that offers a simple and intuitive menu, has already been available for download since last fall, while important functional developments will characterize the second update of the app that will be available a few months before the fair, with an interactive map, an exhibitor database, a tracking function for visitors to manage the calendar of events, all improved to make the Autopromotec experience both easier and enjoyable. An important and useful tool that will immediately updated visitors in real time on all the news and, during the fair, allow them to make the most of their time. All the news at Autopromotec are always available also on Twitter and Facebook, as well as on the official website

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