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That’s the official colour of OMCN’s equipment, which has recently added to its long-standing production of presses and lifts two new product lines: wheel balancers and tire changers. The company’s traditional sector, though, can also boasts new lifting technology, combining the advantages of both scissor and 2 or 4 post lifts

Massimo Condolo

There’s a new player among tire equipment manufacturers. OMCN is a familiar name for many mechanics, a long-standing brand for lifting equipment made in Italy. Fifteen wheel balancers, six tire changers and wheel aligners are some of the new products presented alongside the company’s most recent scissor lift. The Bergamo based company makes its entrance into the tire equipment sector with a rather comprehensive range of specialized machines, starting from entry-level models, simple to use and with a good quality / price ratio, to the most complete and performing units. For the next edition of Autopromotec, (the international biennial exhibition of automotive equipment and aftermarket products to be held in Bologna May 24 to 28, 2017) the offer will be expanded even further.


Tire changers for intensive work cycles                   

At the top of OMCN’s traditional range of tire changers we find the Grip Line R28, the company’s largest model with factory code 6030. Suitable for rims ranging between 3” and 15" with a 32" diameter, the R28 is structured for  the kind of intensive work that traditionally makes up a tire fitter’s working cycle. The rotation is controlled by a variable speed inverter, for improved rotation control during the demounting phase; The wheel support plate itself has also received an anti-corrosion treatment that protects it. The plate’s rotation speed can vary from 7 to 15 revs per minute. The mount/demount head is leverless and the Soft-Control bead roller can significantly reduce fatigue. The robust adjustable clamps are made from a single cast, while the tilting arm is controlled by a hydraulic damper. The Gripline R28’s accessories include a bead pressing arm, and a number of plastic covers to protect some of the most delicate parts of the machine such as bead breaking tools and roller boards besides front and rear mounting heads. The machine stands at 2.30 meters in height, 1.45 in depth and 2.01 in length and weighs 385 kg.


Accurate and hi-tech

As far as wheel balancers are concerned, the Roll R8 Sonar is the company’s crown jewel; through sonars, lasers and a simple and intuitive software, most balancing functions are fully automatic. Available in two models, the R8 Sonar (code 8105) and R8 Sonar P-Lock (8020), a version with a hydraulic wheel lock that significantly reduces working fatigue. Both are suitable for wheels weighing up to 80 kg, from 1” to 24" in thickness and 6 to 40" in diameter and are able to guarantee groundbreaking accuracy. Furthermore, the intuitive balancing system can also boast a graphic display for field data. The new generation casing reduces the overall size of the machine while a LED light illuminates the operations being performed; an internal gauge measures the distance and diameter of the rim, while the external sonar automatically detects the width of the rim. The full balancing cycle takes place in just six seconds; a laser beam guides the specialist in applying the wheel balancing weights.


User-friendly lifts

The new X Line electro-hydraulic lifts combine the limited size of a scissor lift with the convenience of a four- column lift. Whether surface mounted or flush models, their reduced size sets them apart from the rest. Furthermore, they offer great freedom of movement around the vehicle in for repair, both under and around the lift, with the possibility to configure the footboard during the assembly phase thanks to its modular system; in its plain version, for total alignment or equipped with play-detector. Motion control and security are entrusted to electro-hydraulic functioning with safety valves to control the descent speed, the overload and any accidental breakage of the feeding hoses. Hydraulic volumetric parallelism is guaranteed by an electronic system, equipped with PLC, which receives the signal from the encoders and four high-precision sensors, two in each footboard. The wide ground support bases guarantee better stability, alignment and ease of installation. The Lift table capacity, 4.000 kg, with front and rear extensions, able to reach 5,6 meters in length, can lift even long wheelbase commercial vehicles a little longer than a Fiat Ducato- or a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter-style van. Different models and versions make up the entire range: those designed for wheel alignment have an air-locking system from a central control panel to block the slip plates and large and modular front slots to host the rotating plates. All models are equipped with guideways for jacking beams. Accessories include rubber pad kits, auxiliary traverses, a LED lighting system, connection extensions between the hoist and the control box (depending on the model), automatic pit covers and a wireless lamp. The X-line lifts are supplied with hydraulic oil and anchor bolts; for the Italian market, the warranty is 24 months.



Over half a century of Italian excellence

From humble beginnings, back in 1958, to 300 employees with three factories and a total of 100 thousand square meters, of which 60 thousand are covered, sixty years later. OMCN can now boast a catalog of 650 items, dedicated to the whole automotive sector, from car repair workshops to manufacturers. The automotive equipment catalog includes lifts for motorcycles, cars, trucks and commercial vehicles (mechanical two - and four posts, in-ground hydraulic, two posts, scissors and double scissors, four posts for cars and industrial vehicles and, finally, furniture), wheel balancers for cars and industrial vehicles, car jack trolleys, presses, pumps and hydraulic cylinders, axle stands, hydraulic cranes and equipment for body shops. Following the latest update, the catalog now also includes tire changers, wheel balancers and wheel aligners.


Present in all authorized workshops

Over the years, OMCN concluded trade agreements with a number of authorized networks and car manufacturers. OMCN equipment and tools are found in authorized workshops serving industrial groups such as Daimler (Evobus), FCA (Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Fiat, Fiat Professional, Jeep, Lancia, Magneti Marelli and Maserati), GM (Chevrolet and Opel), Kia, King Long, Honda, Iveco, Paccar (DAF), Renault (Renault and Dacia), Toyota (Lexus and Toyota), Volkswagen (Lamborghini, Man and VW) and Volvo. The company’s best sellers are vehicle lifts, the 718 (surface mounted) and the 719 (flush model), with a hydraulic distributor with valves to control load distribution and no greasing, no ordinary maintenance required. Among the most recent installations, a few 23-ton hydraulic 4-post lifts supplied to the municipality of the city of Bordeaux for the maintenance of its trucks. At the same time, in Sweden, a Volvo workshop purchased eleven 2-Ram in-ground lifts (model n° 2002) with length and width adjustable footboards. The OMCN products are accompanied by a 10-year liability insurance coverage.

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